What is EatWith all about?

EatWith is a trusted global community that invites people to dine in homes around the world. Guests can connect with amazing hosts, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine.

As you explore the site, you'll discover talented hosts and a wide variety of inspiring dishes! You can contact our hosts and learn more about their offerings or just book an event. After each visit, you should rate your experience and write a review. This way, you will be helping to make sure hosts get the feedback and recognition they deserve. And other EatWith users can benefit from your experience.

Our Vision: To bring people together one meal at a time.

Do you love to host?

EatWith offers you a fun and easy way to be a host for meals and unforgettable experiences in your home. Prepare your favorite dishes for guests from around the globe, meet interesting people and share stories and personal insights.

How EatWith was born

On one very memorable evening in 2010, while vacationing on the island of Crete, I had the extraordinary privilege of dining at the home of the Papadakis family. The connection was made through a friend of a friend.

It was a small two bedroom apartment in a suburb of Heraklion (the main city in Crete). They were so excited to host a traveler for dinner that they invited their neighbors and their cousin from Athens to join. The main topic over dinner was the Greek financial crisis and how every family had at least one family member that was unemployed. Theirs was a perspective I definitely had not gotten from the headlines.

They offered me tips on places to visit, told me about restaurants where the locals eat, and even gave me a bottle of local Cretan liquor as a gift. I still have the bottle - it's empty. For dinner, we had an absolutely delicious Cretan dish known in Greek as, "makaronia with kreas vodino and tiri athotiro [on top]." Translation: spaghetti with meat (beef) and a local Cretan cheese (athotiro) on top. It was amazing!

After four hours - and I'm sure no one was looking at their watches - it was time to say goodbye. I originally planned on being there only two hours, but wow, how the time flew! Truly a unique experience I will never forget.

In all my years of traveling, connecting with the locals has always made my experiences more meaningful. I enjoy tours, museums, tourist sites, and eating at great restaurants. But as a tourist, it's easy to feel disconnected, like you're walking in a bubble. The best way to break the bubble and enrich your connection to a place is to interact with real people in their own private spaces. After my evening with the Papadakis's, this is exactly what happened.

I was inspired. When I returned home, I shared my experience with my friend Shemer, and we began to envision a global community of enthusiastic guests and passionate hosts. We imagined a website where users could discover amazing hosts around the world, delicious homemade cuisine, and recount their stories of unforgettable experiences.

So there you have it. That's how EatWith was born. If you're as passionate as we are about meeting new people, eating amazing homemade dishes and doing something a little different, then we would love to extend you a warm welcome to join our growing community!

Bon Voyage & Bon Appetit!
Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwartz, Founders of EatWith

About the company

EatWith was founded in Tel Aviv in 2012 and is currently headquartered in San Francisco.