Bring people together one meal at a time.

Our Story

After one memorable evening in 2010, having dined in the home of a local family while vacationing in Crete, EatWith co-founder and CEO Guy Michlin knew he would never travel and dine the same way again. Not only did he have one of the best meals of his life, he connected with his hosts in a way that enriched his experience more than any restaurant could.

Shortly thereafter, EatWith was born as a passion project between two close friends Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz, who shared a similar vision - to create an alternative, delicious way for travelers to discover the world. And they did... in the tens of thousands actually. EatWith had clearly hit a nerve, but what was truly remarkable was that most of these diners turned out to be locals!

Eatwith is now a force to be reckoned with in many local culinary scenes. Even celebrity chefs who own multiple restaurants now host EatWith events, tapping into what is becoming one of the most interesting and inspiring food scenes out there.

Who We Are

From Rome to Redding. San Francisco to Napier New Zealand. The EatWith family is a mix of product thinkers, engineers and food lovers from around the globe. We love what we do because connecting people over amazing meals makes the world a friendlier and yummier place

Backed By

"This is a technology platform that brings people together. Sharing a meal, sharing stories, sharing laughs with new people in someone’s house is deeply personal, authentic, and intimate… it also happens to be the original social network."
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We are always looking to add talented people to the team, regardless of where you are from. Feel free to email us at and tell us more about yourself.
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