Trust and Safety

Your Trust and Safety are Our #1 Priority

Safety and trust are fundamental to the DNA of EatWith's community. Very simply, we are committed to making sure that at every stage, whether host or guest, you feel safe and confident during the process. EatWith's platform was developed with processes and tools designed to instill 100% confidence and trust between hosts and guests.


At EatWith, above all else, we value the safety, security and peace-of-mind of all of our guests and hosts. The EatWith Guarantee protects hosts for up to $1,000,000 under a third party insurance coverage we purchased for you in the event a guest suffers certain damages in eligible countries while attending an EatWith food event at the host's place of residence, subject to certain conditions, limitations and exclusions which are set out in the Third Party Insurance Policy Eatwith has obtained for covering the EatWith Guarantee. It is very important that you understand these conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the EatWith Guarantee.

Please submit a request at and we will make sure the details of these terms and conditions are provided to you .A list of eligible countries can be found below.

Hosts seeking payment under the EatWith Guarantee agree to cooperate with EatWith and its insurers, including providing documentation of the damage they're claiming and agreeing to an inspection in the rare case it may be necessary. As mentioned above the EatWith Guarantee is subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions, including regarding the extent of actual coverage and the type of damage covered. The Eatwith Guarantee should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for homeowners insurance. The EatWith Guarantee only covers specific third-party damages. It does not cover any damage to the host or the host's property. Hosts may want to secure or remove valuables when hosting and consider independent insurance to cover such items. The EatWith Guarantee only covers accident based damages and does not cover pure monetary damages.

To submit an EatWith Guarantee request contact us at and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. We will submit your request to our insurer and guide you through the process with the insurer. Payment will be received from the insurer subject to its procedures and policies and to the terms of the Third Party Insurance Policy as mentioned above.

What countries does the EatWith Guarantee cover?
Currently, our guarantee only covers EatWith events in Israel and Spain. In the coming months, we will expand coverage to other countries. As this happens, we will notify all our hosts.

Detailed user profiles

EatWith user profiles let guests and hosts get to know each other during the discovery process. Host profiles provide detailed descriptions and photos of their home and offerings. Host profiles may also provide links to personal websites and social network profiles, verified phone numbers and reviews and references from other EatWith users.

Guest profiles can include information about interests or hobbies, food preferences, stories about previous experiences, and reviews and references about hosts or about themselves.

Secure transactions via paypal

All financial transactions are facilitated through PayPal's secure system, ensuring peace of mind for both guests and hosts. All financial information (like your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on PayPal's servers.

Messaging system

Guests and hosts can easily send messages to each other inside the EatWith platform. Prior to an event, guests can contact hosts with questions about the event or offering. Once an event has been booked, hosts may contact guests with additional event details or to get feedback on the offering.

Ratings and reviews

We encourage guests and hosts to provide and request ratings and reviews. This enables users to benefit from the honest feedback of other users and strengthen the community over time.

EatWith Verified Hosts

We do everything we can to make sure our guests are 100% satisfied with offerings they choose. Therefore, when you see an "EatWith verified" icon next to a host, it means that an EatWith representative has visited that host's home, enjoyed the experience, and recommends his or her offering.

The right to approve guests

We want hosts to feel safe and confident about the guests they invite into their private home. Therefore, we give hosts the right to approve guests prior to an event. During the approval process, hosts can view guest profiles to see food preferences, likes and interests, and reviews they've received from other hosts and guests in the EatWith community.

24/7 customer support

Our world-class customer service team is available round the clock, from anywhere in the world, by phone or email. We welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to going out of our way to enhance your experience. You can check out our FAQ section, privacy policy and terms of service for any additional information.

flagging of inappropriate activity

We encourage our community to report to us any guest or host activity that seems suspicious, inappropriate or illegal. We will promptly review and if we feel it is warranted we may remove the profile from our platform or use lesser measures which we deem appropriate.

Content moderation

EatWith reviews content uploaded by our hosts with regard to an offering. We are committed to making sure our hosts uphold the highest standards for both their offerings and how they are represented on the site.