The best meals are homemade. Enjoy a dinner party at the chef's house. You're invited.

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Explore your city

About EatWith

We are a passionate community of food lovers and world travelers.

EatWith hosts share a talent for making amazing meals and a love for welcoming people into their homes to share them. Join us around the table to experience the most creative, gourmet and handmade meals your city has to offer.

Private Events

Celebrating a special occasion?

Plan a private dinner with an EatWith Chef.

...Continues to rank among the most memorable experiences we've uncovered in any country.
Jackson, March 2014
The casual and friendly atmosphere is something that just cannot be captured in a restaurant.
Joanne, June 2014
I would love to describe the sensations I had, but words cannot describe perfection I'm afraid
Philippa, June 2014