When it comes to traveling, one of the most authentic ways to get to know a foreign country is through its food. It’s undeniable that food is part of our cultural heritage. Yet when you’re abroad, picking a place to satisfy your craving for delicious, authentic food can be quite the challenge.

Wondering how to eat like a local? Try these 5 top tips to find the best food in town!

Eat like a local

Let’s face it, most locations featured in popular travel guides are packed with tourists and often lack authenticity. Get off the beaten track by avoiding the tourist hot-spots in town.

Look around you. Are you surrounded by locals? Good, that’s exactly what you want! Identify where and what they’re eating. Maybe they’re in that little café across the street, which you might have overlooked for some reason. Locals know their way around, so trust them. Even if the place doesn’t look inviting, the food there is probably delicious.


Talk to people

In times of social media and networking, going old-school is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find a good place to eat. Although a quick post on social media will definitely turn up some good leads, actually speaking to acquaintances (or even strangers!) can come in handy. If you’re Couchsurfing or going the Airbnb route, why not ask your host for some tips? Or what about the guy who serves you your coffee in the morning, or the lady you buy your newspaper from? Try chatting with the locals once you’re there and ask them for their favorite spots – they surely won’t disappoint. 

Check out the farmer's market

Visiting a farmer’s market can be a unique experience which allows you to discover things you haven’t seen before. Keep your eyes peeled for stands where local farmers offer you their fresh produce – you might even get a free sample!


Do your research

You probably already have a long list of food or travel blogs that post articles with the best addresses in town… but how can you know which one to trust? When in doubt, focus on local blogs. Also ask yourself: was the review published recently? Or are you relying on outdated facts? Keep this in mind while surfing the web for insider tips. 

Honestly, who enjoys eating by themselves when abroad? Eating is a great way to experience authentic, local culture. It also means connecting with people, either with those who cooked it or with those who are sharing your table. Our Eatwith hosts are passionate about cooking –  and we bet you can taste that!