Are you ready to start your personal food sharing adventure, but don’t know how to enhance your chances of having great experiences with other Eatwith hosts and guests? Here are some practical tips to improve your profile!

Make people want to meet you

Profile picture: This is your time to shine! Wear your favorite outfit, pose in a place you like with natural lighting and, most of all, don’t forget to smile! If you’re hosting or traveling as a couple or family, you can also upload a group photo. Make sure your picture is a close-up so other Eatwith hosts and guests can actually see you, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of color.

Show how international and open-minded you are! You speak 15 languages, but your personal information is only available in Swahili? Make sure you reach the right guests by showing off your language skills! Don’t worry if you’re not fluent, it’s all about showing the authentic you! Plus, your extra effort will make a good impression in any case!

Tell us about you! Spark the curiosity of other Eatwith hosts and guests by writing about yourself. Need some inspiration? Tell them why you joined Eatwith, talk about things you love or what makes you special! You can also be creative: for example, you could describe yourself like a recipe, write a short dialogue or poem, etc. Just have fun and remember there are no rules!

Be a good guest: If you don’t plan to host yourself, it is even more important you complete your profile with as many details as possible. Why? Just put yourself in your host’s shoes: would you like to welcome an absolute stranger into your home, who you know absolutely nothing about? The rule of thumb is to create trust by allowing the host to see whether you are compatible, so your booking request will be validated.

Your home is not a restaurant!

Photos: Are you passionate about food but not great at photography? With a few simple tricks and your trustworthy smartphone you can take some amazing snaps of your home and food! Simply set your table and take a pic of it. Show your home, the location, kitchen or view, anything you think your future guests might like. Next time you invite your friends over for dinner, you can take some snaps of the food you’ve prepared – it’s as easy as that! Nobody expects you to be the next top chef, but your pictures can reflect your personal style.

Happy guests at an inviting host's supper club

Menu: Remember that your Eatwith guests aren’t looking for a restaurant experience at your place. Think of it as if you were preparing a dinner party for your friends: surely they’d be delighted to come because of YOUR food and hospitality, not for a specific menu. Of course, it makes sense to describe your cuisine, but there is no need to create a detailed menu. Simply post some samples of the dishes you like to make, so your future guests get an idea of your personal style and what to expect. If you like to cook according to the season or what you find at your local market, your guests will understand your menus may vary accordingly.

Address: So you’ve created the perfect profile but you still aren’t getting any bookings? Check whether you have listed your exact address. Of course, all personal information like contact details and your address are confidential and will only be made available to an Eatwith guest after the booking has been confirmed. Since our search engine uses geolocalization to find potential hosts in the area, you might want to make sure you’re showing up on the radar.


Also, the Eatwith team likes to spoil our hosts, so you might want to check your mailbox for surprises every now and then!

Feel free to update your profile whenever you feel like it and have fun sharing your experiences by writing reviews for other Eatwith hosts and guests! After all, Eatwith is all about people!