Traveling with children can be a wonderful thing – you get to spend quality time together as a family, show your children new and exciting things, and create memories that will last for years. But it can also be tricky finding the balance between things that both you and your kids agree are interested in. We’ve rounded up ten of the top experiences on Eatwith for families that the whole family will enjoy.

You’ll find cooking classes, market tours, kid-friendly staples, and more inventive dinners at the home of locals. No matter what things you and your family like to do together, there’s a Eatwith experience for you so you can get the most out of your family trip and have an unforgettable experience with locals.

Enjoy a market tour and cooking class in Barcelona

Markets are a fantastic place to take kids. There are so many fascinating sights and smells to take in! So why not join chef Alfredo in Barcelona for a tour of the legendary Boqueria market followed by a cooking class? You and your family will learn how to make local favorites like Spanish tortilla, paella, and the most mouth-watering sweet crema Catalana.

traveling with children

Eat something unusual (but still kid-friendly) in Bordeaux

It’s fun to expand your culinary horizons by trying something new, and our host Meera has the perfect way to do that in Bordeaux! She cooks up a mouthwatering meal of Punjab specialty butter chicken, a creamy tomato-based chicken curry.  She’ll adjust the spice to your palate. Meera’s love for cooking goes back to when she was a kid herself, so if you’ve got a little chef they may just find a kindred spirit in her.

Dig into a traditional Irish dinner in Dublin

Foodie couple Simona and Jose in Dublin offer a budget-friendly traditional Irish roast chicken and vegetable dinner  – and they’ll show you how to make it, too! They’ll also serve a medley of Spanish and Italian sliced meats and cheeses to snack on while the chicken is roasting. The entire menu has food most children and adults enjoy, and the couple are extremely welcoming hosts as well. If your kids don’t like roast chicken, they’re happy to adapt the menu – just let the know!  

Learn how to make authentic pizza in Florence

Hands up if your kids love pizza! It’s a great kid-friendly option that parents like, too. Our bubbly host Patrizia in Rome, who has kids of her own, is the queen of pizza in Florence. She offers two experiences – one where you can get your hands in learn how to make pizza and pasta yourself, or one where you simply show up and eat. Which one do you think your kids would get the most out of?

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Have dinner with a Turkish family in Istanbul

Host Asude puts it best “traveling is more than seeing old buildings, right?” Her suggestion for getting to the heart of genuine Turkish culture is to join her for a meal in her home. The recipes are her grandmother’s, and she makes everything herself. There are a minimum of 8 different dishes served, all with a beautiful story behind them. She’ll even take you on a tour of her neighborhood if you like.

traveling with children

Bake with Alice and Jamie in London

Alice loves to bake, and has 14 years of Michelin level experience under her belt and  can host the perfect event for the littlest members of the family. Have a fun day  learning how to create the perfect English afternoon tea that the whole family will enjoy!

traveling with children

Experience a traditional French dinner in Paris

Parisian journalist and producer Thomas offers a traditional French meal that’s as beautiful as a French meal you’d see in a movie. Everything is cooked with a lot of love and served with a side of travel stories.

traveling with children

Make Roman friends in Rome

Italian cuisine is a great way to introduce your kids to the foodie world, and Debora’s night of food and friendship in Rome ensures you’ll have a lot of fun while you eat, too! She and two friends offer Roman Food With Roman Friends to show you the very best of Italian food culture. The menu they serve includes kid-friendly dishes like lasagna and saltimbocca, though their favorite may be the chocolate basket served with strawberries and cream. Mmm!

Now, the only thing left to do is to pick which one you want to do! Our experienced hosts will take it from there to make sure you and your kids have an unforgettable experience that will make your family trip truly special. 

Which one of these experiences sounds the most fun to you while traveling with children? Let us know in the comments!