One of the best parts of traveling is getting to try all sorts of delicious new local food. Another one of the best parts of traveling is getting to meet people from all over the world. If you had to pick one, which one would you choose?

Luckily, you don’t actually have to make this choice. And with Eatwith, you can even do both at once! We’ve got hosts in countries all over the world who welcome travelers into their homes to enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

You could try the best local specialties at a restaurant while you travel, of course. But there are a few things that our experiences offer that are hard, if not impossible, to find at a restaurant.

Just a few reasons to choose a Eatwith experience instead of a restaurant!

It’s a unique way to meet locals

Our experiences are definitely about the food, but they’re also about the human connection you make. No matter the one you choose, you’ll have the chance to meet locals who live in the city you’re visiting. It’s a real social experience, and a fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons and connect on a deeper level with the local culture. After all, what really makes a place is the people who live there.

Whether your host is flying solo, making a dinner for guests with some friends, or introducing you to their family, this is a special opportunity to meet new people. Of course, as people are are happy to open up their home to visitors, they’re probably as excited to meet you as you are to meet them! 

You’ll find out more about your meal…

Have you ever been to a restaurant and wished you could find more about what went into preparing that amazing dish? That might not be possible at a restaurant, but our Eatwith hosts love explaining the hard work that went into the food they created. Often times, they’ll also give you some background information about a famous family recipe or a cultural tradition from the area.

If you’d really like to learn how to make the dish yourself, we have lots of wonderful hosts who have cooking classes right in their own kitchens. Rather than a formal environment, you’ll feel like you’re whipping up a meal with long-time friends.


…and some more about the city, too!

Locals sometimes have quite a different perspective on the city than visitors do. Would you love to hear from a lifelong Parisian about what it’s like to live in one of the chicest cities in the world? Do you want to ask a Florentine resident what they think is the best pasta place in the city? How about finding out where the hidden local gems are from a real barcelonés?

Whether you’re interested in everyday life or tips for exploring the city like a local, our Eatwith hosts have got all the inside information – and they’re thrilled to share their love for their city with you. (Try getting that out of a famously grumpy Parisian waiter!)

You can try something different

Traveling is all about branching out and trying new things. So why not go for something truly new that you’ve never tried before? You can choose a meal in a local’s home, a cooking class, a market tour, a food tour, and more. What sounds like the most fun to you? 


Eat something the way locals enjoy it

It can be surprisingly tough to find authentic food in a lot of popular tourist destinations, between restaurants that cater exclusively to foreign visitors and big chain restaurants. You may struggle to find truly local food.

With one of our experiences, you’ll enjoy authentic food prepared just the way locals like it…because it truly has been prepared by locals who want to share their food and culture with you.

Create lasting memories

Between the personal connection and the great food, you’ve got the chance to enjoy a truly unforgettable moment here. You’ll learn lots about the culture of the city you’re visiting, connect with locals, and get a much deeper understanding of the place. That’s the perfect recipe for an amazing travel and dining experience you’ll never forget.

Become part of a worldwide community

At our experiences, you’ll get the chance to meet other travelers and become part of our worldwide community of Eatwith guests and hosts. These are people just like you who are interested in authentic travel and really getting to know a place and its culture. Who knows, you might meet your new travel buddies at a Eatwith experience!


It’s much more personal

Restaurants often receive a steady stream of visitors through the door, and there simply isn’t time to lavish personal attention on each customer.

Instead, with VizEat, it’s all about a truly personal moment. You can choose exactly what you want to do, and our experienced hosts will arrange your ideal experience from there, putting lots of thought and care into it. Our hosts invite you right into their homes and welcome you alongside their family and friends as part of the group. This level of personal attention shows, and it’s not something you can get at a restaurant.


It’s all about having a good time!

Most of all all, we hope you have an amazing time at our experiences – and your hosts do, too! Here’s to many more authentic moments to be shared between Eatwith guests and hosts all over the world. We hope to see you at our table soon! Explore the delicious world of Eatwith today.