Meeting locals while traveling is a really special part of a new cultural experience. For the most part, the new people we meet are interesting and we get to enjoy a variety of conversations. In some cases, we are even lucky enough to build relationships and find companionship when we need it most. Regardless of how you travel, whether you’re alone or in a group, meeting locals will be a big part of your trip.

Traveling to Germany? If you’re planning on heading to the vibrant and bustling capital of Berlin, there are plenty of friendly locals just waiting to meet you, including many of our hosts who will cook, teach and laugh with you.

At Eatwith, we love to bring people together. So, whether you prefer to meet people in a group, one-to-one or over a home-cooked meal, here are our recommendations of how you can meet locals in Berlin.

Easy ways to meet locals in Berlin

Take Part in Activities

A really easy (and fun!) way to meet locals in Berlin, is to sign up for local activities. Fancy trying something completely new? Or would you rather build on your existing skills? Whatever the activity that wets your appetite, you can be sure that you will meet many locals while doing something entertaining.

Need ideas? You can choose from sports such as rock climbing or cycling, a weekly language class or dance class, or you can even search for free community activities in the area such as a local football match. Whatever your interests, trust us when we say, there will be an endless amount of ways that you can meet locals!

If you’re looking for something different, why not fill up your evening with a cooking class followed by a supper club with our local host Horvath ? She’ll take you on a culinary journey!

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Take a Group Tour

We love group tours! Not only are they great ways to meet people, but they are also the perfect opportunity for you to switch off and relax. If you want to explore a new place but want someone else to make the decisions for you, then a group tour will be perfect. Let someone guide you around the city!

After group tours end, a lot of the time, people tend to head out for dinner or drinks, or even plan future exploration activities together. If this isn’t a perfect way to meet locals in Berlin, we don’t know what is!

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Eatwith offers epic food tours that are run by locals in Berlin, such as our ‘Inside Berlin’ food tour in Berlin with Dov. If you want an authentic and fun way to experience the local food, this is it!

Volunteer or Work Abroad

If you’re flexible with your travel dates, volunteering is a brilliant opportunity to meet locals while saving on your travel funds. Whether you want to teach English, volunteer as an au pair, build schools or care for animals, you can be sure that you will find a cause that is important to you.

Many volunteering programmes often pay for your accommodation and food in exchange for your service, so if you truly want to work and live like a local, with locals, research what options are available in your area. Working so closely with the community will ensure you meet locals in Berlin!

If you’re passionate about food and want to meet new people, you could even become a host with Eatwith! Earn an income by doing what you love and sharing it with others!

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Get Creative with Accommodations

A really easy way to meet locals in Berlin is by experimenting with different accommodation options. Why not stay at a hostel or try your hand at couch surfing? By meeting like-minded travelers or being welcomed in by a local, you will find endless opportunities to learn about the local culture and expand your network of friends!

Make Use of Different Travel Apps

Our last (but not least!) way to meet locals in Berlin, is to make use of travel apps! Wouldn’t you love to meet new people who are happy to show you around and give you the inside scoop on the best hidden spots and eateries? We thought so!

By using dining apps such as Eatwith, travel apps such as Travel Pal, and even fitness or adventure apps, you can find a whole network of people who would love to give you an insight into the local way of life!

Looking for an authentic food experience in Berlin? Why not discover the German flavors with Luiz or enjoy a traditional German Dinner and a live saxophone performance with Rainer. 

So there we have it! Easy ways to meet locals in Berlin and make some memories that you’ll never forget! All you have to do is be confident and put yourself out there, or you can opt for a tour or experience where all you have to do is sit back and relax. To find the perfect experience for you, explore the delicious world of Eatwith and enjoy!