We all love traveling. Whether that’s because of sight-seeing, exploring an unknown destination, meeting new people or setting off in search of the most adrenaline fuelled activities that are out there, there’s something about discovering foreign lands that is exciting to us.

What’s the aspect that we find most exciting we hear you asking? The food of course! With so many different corners of the world to discover new flavors, from decadent scoops of gelato in Italy to exotic noodle dishes in Thailand, the world is literally your oyster!

With endless possibilities to choose from, the food bucket list can get very overwhelming, so why not start off with a local food experience? Not only will this give you an introduction to the country’s cuisine, but this will also give you an exclusive insight into the BEST dishes to try straight from the mouth of the locals themselves!

If you’re not quite convinced yet, stay with us as we give you even more reasons why you should try new food experiences.

Local food experiences; an insight into culture

Variety is the Spice of Life and it’s Healthy for you too!

It goes without saying that eating a variety of food will ensure that you have a well-balanced and nutrient-filled diet, therefore you will be healthier for it too! As well as providing great health benefits, it also makes this aspect of our lives so much more interesting. Explore a variety of different foods, colors and textures and discover your palate with flavors from all around the world.

If you want to spice up your life, why not discover and taste the pleasures of the Moroccan cuisine in Marrakesh?

food experiences

They Help You Connect with People

There’s nothing better than sharing good food and experiencing new dishes with others who have the same passion for cuisine. Not only does this make for great conversation, but you’ll bond over the new foods that you try, make plans to discover other food experiences together and even find a new travel buddy or make new friends for life!

food experiences

Make new connections and learn about the local culture by having a traditional dinner with a Portuguese family!

They Help You Grow as a Person

Every time we do something new and challenge ourselves, we forever expand our comfort zones just a little bit more. By trying new food experiences, tasting new dishes and learning about the culture of the food, you will be more equipped to face day-to-day challenges thereafter and may even be inspired to try other new experiences that you wouldn’t have before!

Nothing helps you more to grow as a person than learning a new skill! By simply taking a cooking class in Thailand, you can learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine and bring these recipes home with you forever! 

They Tell You A Lot About a Country and it’s Culture

It’s always amazing to experience a culture so different to your own, but what makes this extra special, is experiencing it through their food!

It’s surprising how much local dishes can tell you about a place, such as what a culture values most. Take Costa Rica and France as an example. Where Costa Rica boasts fresh and simple dishes such as fish and rice, France relishes in the grander things in life such as fine cuts of meat, expensive cheese and quality wine.

Discover the magic of French cuisine through expert cheese and wine pairing in Paris!

food experiences

Why Not?

Why try new food experiences? Why not? Whether you’re the most adventurous food eater or just want to branch out every once in a while, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from mixing it up in the culinary world.

As a little adventure never hurt anyone, why not take a class in Austria to bring authentic Indian food into your life or even organise your own private food event with one of our lucky hosts!

food experiences

So, what do you think? Would you like to take a culinary journey with one of our hosts around the world? We think food experiences are a must when on your global scavenger hunt for your ultimate dish, so now it’s down to you to go find it!