When we think about foodie cities in Europe, our minds automatically think of gourmet dining in Paris, the best pizza and pasta in Rome or paella that’s bursting with flavor in Barcelona. It’s no surprise really, as these cities and their traditional dishes tend to pull at our heart strings. However, while these gastronomic cities do offer some crazy good meals, the popularity of these cities can make finding genuine and authentic meals very difficult.

So what is the solution if you’re a foodie traveler? Travel to these cities and hope you find authentic places to eat or avoid these cities and whet your travel appetite elsewhere? The answer is neither! Discover new foodie cities around Europe, the underdogs of mouth-watering destinations that you can visit, and feast your eyes (and your taste buds!) on the best local delicacies!

To help you delve into the lesser known European foodie cities, we have given the spotlight to six contenders that will give you the most genuine foodie experience. Here are our reasons of why you need to visit them right away!

6 foodie cities and why you need to visit them

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The stunning walled city of Dubrovnik is very up and coming for foodie cities in Europe, especially when it comes to its truffles! However, as well as being renowned for its tasty chocolate treats, the city is also teaming with pavement cafe’s and tasty eateries that are making al fresco dining the new craze.

Our top reason to visit: As well as the truffles, Dubrovnik has a crazy good seafood scene that will blow your mind!

Prague, Czechia

When we think of Prague, we think of a charming city full of character and it’s no different for its food! The food scene is a creative combination of Czech, German and Hungarian cuisine, with a more recent international twist (especially Vietnamese).

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Our top reason to visit: Try the local beer (pivo)! When it comes to beer, Czechs certainly know what they are doing and did we mention that it is cheaper than water?

San Sebastian, Spain

The small city of San Sebastian is known to many as the food capital of Europe, so it is really surprising that this delicious destination isn’t as high up on the foodie cities list as you would expect. Boasting more Michelin-starred restaurants per square meter than almost anywhere else in the world, you can get the best cuisine whether you’re dining in the top gastronomic restaurant or the charming local pintxos bar!

Our top reason to visit: Try the speciality pintxos in each local pub! These tasty bite-size tapas will showcase all of the regions top quality food without the hefty price tag. Ones to look for include slow-cooked veal cheeks, pimientos di padron (fried long green peppers) and bacalao (salt cod).

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Edinburgh, UK

One of the most beautiful cities in the UK, Edinburgh offers breathtaking medieval castles, stunning scenery and of course unique food that will win your heart. Although Scotland is not often mentioned for its cuisine, the city is full of quirky dishes with a strong background of culture and tradition.

Our top reason to visit: Are you brave enough to try the famous deep fried mars bar? With more than 640 calories within a mere few bites, this is one curiosity worth pursuing.

If you’re looking to eat with locals in Edinburgh, we have a great experience for you which will give you a magical insight into Scottish cuisine!

Strasbourg, France

Surprisingly, the smallest region of France is also one of the country’s greatest gastronomic treasures! Introducing Strasbourg, the capital city of Alsace. Here you can discover a peculiar fusion of French and German cuisine, whether you eat at the Michelin starred restaurants, quirky cafes, charming brasseries or a friendly local’s house!

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Our top reason to visit: You can’t visit Strasbourg without trying the symbolic dish of Alsatian gastronomy: Choucroute or sauerkraut! The dish gained a prestigious label of protected geographical indication (AOC) in 2012, so if this isn’t indication of incredible taste, we don’t know what is!

While in Strasbourg, taste the traditional cuisine or the region’s international influences!

Foligno, Italy

Foligno is an enchanting Italian town, one that has a very strong food culture that boasts fresh and genuine ingredients at its core. As with any other region in Italy, you can discover many delicious traditional dishes in Foligno. However, there is something about buying fresh food directly from the local farmers in the countryside that make these meals so special.

Our top reason to visit: The best traditional food in Foligno, the Rocciata! Originally created to not waste food, this delicious and popular dessert is a thin layer of dough stuffed with pieces of apple, pinenuts, walnuts and golden raisins.

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While we could list more and more foodie cities in Europe that deserve their place in the spotlight, for now, we will leave you with this mouthwatering selection. The great thing about Europe is that there is always something new to discover, so whether you like street food and pop up vendors, local eateries or fine dining, you can be sure that you’ll find incredible gastronomic delights wherever you travel, if you keep and open mind and venture that little bit further from the tourist spots.

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