As people’s lives get busier, we are slowly seeing a digital revolution in reverse; vinyl sales are increasing and book sales are increasing over e-books, and the same goes for dining options. Although technology has enabled us to get food from anywhere very quickly, like many other seemingly ‘retro’ things, people now want the more physical and social aspect to food and that’s where social dining comes in.

“Social dining is when someone goes out for dinner (generally with a group, or to meet up with a group) in the early hours of the evening (between 4:00pm and 6:00pm), and don’t come home until late that night or early the next morning (between 10:00pm and 1:00am). This is referred to as social dining because it is not possible to spend that much time eating, and the social aspect causes the extended time period.” – Urban Dictionary

Social dining combines the best of both worlds

 The convenience of using digital apps and websites to book experiences where you can connect in the physical world and enjoy a social evening with others over great food – and it is this genius combination that has caused social dining to soar over the past few years to become the worldwide craze that it is today!

So, with apps such as Eatwith bringing travelers and locals together all over the world, meal options and dining experiences are becoming more and more imaginative. With hundreds of keen cooks opening up their homes to feed strangers, teach them how to cook and take them on a tour of their city, you can have your pick of social dining experiencein almost every city!

social dining

Still unsure of the magic of social dining? Stay with us and find out just some of the reasons of why they are so amazing.

Benefits of social dining

Enjoy amazing authentic food

Not only do social dining experiences allow you to discover new cuisine, but they also allow you to try the most authentic and genuine dishes that the locals eat themselves. Even nationals and locals visiting their cities will discover new twists on traditional plates. That’s the beauty of local social dining – there’s always something new to try!

social dining

Experience a different atmosphere to a restaurant

While bustling restaurants and local stand up bars are a great environment for an evening out, sometimes you just want to sit in a comfortable living room and eat some good food. For those nights, social dining is perfect! Enjoy a comfortable evening in with other friendly travellers hungry for cultural enlightenment and dine in the kitchen, the cozy living room or stunning rooftop terrace.

Enjoy an authentic meal as the Barcelonans do: with an authentic Catalan mealwith views over the city!

social dining

Meet fellow foodies and traveling companions

Traveling can be a lonely experience, especially if you’re traveling for the first time, so social dining experiences are perfect for meeting new people and making local contacts to show you the ropes! You never know, you could meet someone from your home country, make new travel contacts for future trips or find a fellow lone travel with similar hobbies that you can dine out with for the rest of your trip!

Avoid the burn of tourist prices

In many tourist cities, restaurants on main strips or squares charge ‘tourist prices,’ while the locals slip down the side streets to the best restaurants and get the same food for half the price! Our solution? Eat with the locals at home and enjoy authentic food at the right price!

Nothing says authentic (and non-tourist-like) in Italy like enjoying roman food with roman friends!

social dining

Get real restaurant recommendations

When you’re eating with the locals, scour their brains and get exclusive recommendations! Whether you’re in search of the best paella or specialty coffee joint, you can be sure that their reviews of their city are the most reliable.

It offers many benefits for the hosts too!

Hosts have as much to gain socially and culturally in a social dining experience, so why not make a host’s day and let them share their passion with you. Many of our hosts are friendly locals or non-natives who are looking to expand their social networks and combine this with their love of cooking,  so it's a win-win for everyone!

Experience French specialities in Paris or learn to cook Italian delicacies to perfection in Florence!

social dining

So why not join the social dining revolution? Experience a combination of people from all over the world sitting with you at the same table and sharing in great food together. Relish in menus that cater to anyone and everyone, from six-course gourmet cuisine to a cheap and cheerful picnic or brunch. Whatever you’re preference, you can be sure to find the social dining experience for you with Eatwith!

Stuck for ideas on what to cook this evening? Bored of eating alone? Why not click away and go to a stranger’s house for dinner!