Eatwith is celebrating the future of authentic dining: social eating with locals! With talented hosts all around the world helping to make our goal a reality, we are so thrilled that we can connect locals and travelers alike to enjoy great food together.

Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel.

As we love social dining so much, we created The Wanderlust Dinner to spread the love and inspire more people to eat and share together. With travel and food influencing us all and opening us up to new experiences, come on this journey with us to meet Eatwith hosts all around Europe. To Eatwith is to Wanderlust and these dinners celebrate this spirit!

The Wanderlust Dinner – Rome Edition

Rome, the historical and cultural wonder of the world and Italy’s capital. With nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display, you can safely say that this city is full of artistic treasures. For this reason alone, it’s no wonder why Rome is the 3rd most visited city in Europe and 14th in the world (as of 2014). However, it is probably its magnificent piazzas, magical fountains and towering statues that win people’s hearts. Oh and the amazing pasta dishes of course!

Like many other major cities, tourism has affected the quality of food in the main areas. Our solution? Look for an authentic food experience and immerse yourself in the true Italian culture with the locals!

Rome is full of hospitable locals just waiting to share with you the passion for their culture and as Italian cuisine is all about tradition, they are the best place to start your culinary journey! Discover the best of Italian cooking with a simply stunning lunch immersed in nature or having dinner on an old Roman patio in a secret garden with our chef Bastià. Taste Italy’s regional cuisine at its best by having Roman food with Roman friends, where our lovely local host Debora welcomes you into her home. Fancy something out there? Debora also offers a blindfolded experience, enjoy excellent Italian food and wine in total darkness conversing with strangers to discover how the view can influence the taste or interactions with others!

As well as friendly hosts, Rome is also full of friendly cooks! They will teach you all the secrets behind traditional Italian cooking so you can bring these cherished recipes to your table. Discover fettuccine secrets with Gabri & Simo, learn from my grandmother’s recipes with Federico, or take the ultimate Italian cooking class with Lucia. Are your more of a sweet tooth? Then maybe the gelato and tiramisu cooking class with our pastry chef Daniela is for you!

Ready for an immersive food experience with the locals of Eatwith? Then get ready for a taste of Rome, where you’ll meet people from all corners of the world and indulge in great conversation!