Here at Eatwith, we believe that the best of travel and food should be enjoyed together. After all, the best connections are often made whilst exploring a country or over a delicious meal, so why not combine them both to make one unforgettable experience?

Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel.

Our mission at Eatwith is to make the world eat better together, therefore we have created The Wanderlust Dinner to connect local hosts with travelers to make this a reality! With countless hosts all around the world waiting to inspire travelers with their cooking and creativity, we have dedicated the next few weeks to them to share this Wanderlust spirit and the future of dining!

The Wanderlust Dinner – Paris Edition

Paris: a major European city, the capital of France and a global center full of instantly recognizable landscapes. Full of art and fashion, iconic architecture and exquisite cuisine, it’s no wonder why this grand city is so iconic with the Parisian culture being something to desire.

When exploring the local shops, markets and cafe culture in the cities winding ‘quartiers’ or strolling down the wide boulevards along the River Seine, why not discover the variety of local food experiences that the city has to offer? The French food culture prides itself on well-crafted preparation and the perfect presentation of quality and local produce, paired with the finest of wine in the region. If you want to experience the best of French food (the local way) then start with eating with the locals themselves!

Paris is full of friendly locals waiting to amaze you with their cooking and take you on a journey through the Parisian culture. Discover the best of French cooking from Odile’s Grandmother’s recipesa taste of Paris near the Eiffel Tower, or a table dinner with a Masterchef. You can even opt for more relaxed dining experiences such as a French barbecue on the terrace with Cathy or a typical French picnic with Gisele, or dive into Paris’ international cuisine options from Italy to Venezuela.

Like to combine your eating with learning new skills or getting your fill of culture and history? Then why not take a local cooking class and learn to make French classics such as homemade delicious macarons and French pastries? Whether taking a class or exploring the Saint Charles street market with local host Natacha, you can be sure that you’ll be indulging in some great French food at the end of your local experience!

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and immerse yourself in French culture through local food experiences with Eatwith! You’ll get an incredibly unique insight into the great food and culture of a city in one evening alone and it’ll be one experience that you never forget!