Summer is the time for switching to flip flops, eating fresh and healthy food, and getting that perfect bikini body that we’ve been dreaming about all year. If you’ve got a holiday planned, then you know exactly what we mean!

The great thing about summer is that it brings with it a lot of delicious seasonal food such as juicy fruits, leafy greens and fragrant herbs. We don’t know about you, but at Eatwith, we love eating foods that are in season! Not only does the food have twice as much flavor, that extra crunch and are full of natural nutrients, but it is also something special heading down to the markets which are bursting with fresh picks!

So, if you want to get healthy this summer, here are the best foods to eat to get that summer bod!

Treat your tastebuds; eat fresh this summer

Fresh Tomatoes

Mmm fresh tomatoes are one of the ultimate fruits of summer (yes they are a fruit, not a vegetable)! Filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and a whole lot of yumminess, they are an essential food to eat in the summer whether in a salad, as a side or on their own.

We love markets filled with fresh fruit like tomatoes! If you do too, visit the street market of Saint Charles in Paris with Natacha!

Juicy Watermelon

The hydration hero: the juicy watermelon! When the heat is on, we need some serious hydrating, so watermelons are a great way to keep cool and hydrated when you want a change from water. What’s great about this fruit as well, is that it is delicious and it makes you feel full, helping you get one step closer to your dream body.

Creamy Yogurt

Yogurt is made for summer eating, so freeze your cup before you hit the beach and you have a cool and creamy snack to enjoy whenever you get the tummy rumbles. Low-fat yogurts are high in protein, perfect for satisfying your growling stomach on any hot day!

Leafy Salads

There are so many benefits to eating leafy salads anyway, but its main benefits in summer are for your skin and your body. A power house of nutrition, you can make your fresh and varied by sprucing them up with carrots, apricots, salmon or egg yolks. Whatever you add, your body will thank you for it!Summer

Zesty Oranges

Summer and the sweetness of citrus fruit go hand in hand, so obviously, the zesty orange is a crucial nutrient when the sun comes out! Rich in potassium and Vitamin C, oranges will keep you hydrated and will replenish you with nutrients all day long.

Crunchy Nuts

The ultimate summer snack is crunchy nuts! When the sweet cravings start calling, opt for a handful of almonds, cashews or peanuts instead. Not only will you feel more full, but your cholesterol will thank you for it too! Perfect as a stand alone snack, added into salad or seasoning a dish, nuts are the number one rule for healthy eating.

Sweet Strawberries

Any type of berry is perfect for the summer, but sweet strawberries take our number one spot! Great for the skin, and of course your taste buds, this fruit is perfect mixed with a fruit salad or with some cooling low-fat cream. Whatever your preference, berry up this summer!

Zingy Guacamole

The avocado had to make our summer eats list, however, not as a stand alone fruit. If you mash up this super food and season with chili, lime, and coriander, you get a zingy guacamole which is perfect for dipping! Great for the heart and overall wellness, we think this is an essential food!

Cool Gazpacho

Ahhh, chilled soup in the summer is perfect for keeping the heat away, that’s why cool gazpacho is one of our top picks. Low in calories, fat and with zero cholesterol, the best gazpacho contains healthy ingredients like bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Nothing beats this light yet flavorful soup on a hot summer’s day!

Buttery Corn

Last but not least, is an essential for those summer barbecues: buttery corn on the cob! High in fiber and low in calories, this delicious food is perfect grilled, added in a salad or used to make a healthy salsa – YUM!

Armed with the healthiest and freshest summer eats, pair some of these bad boys with a pitcher of cool iced tea or fresh salmon and bask in the glorious sun!

Whether you’re looking for the freshest local ingredients in your city or abroad, find a local to enjoy them with through Eatwith!