For many people, travel is their reason for living. They live for that feeling of anticipation and excitement to discover a new place, for that one moment where they step off that plane in a new country or continent ready for adventure. It is part of who they are.

Here at Eatwith, we love to travel and discover, to taste and explore, so naturally, we would consider ourselves as travel lovers. But how do you know if you’re one? Many of us love a good holiday or weekend away, but what actually constitutes us being ‘travelers?’

To explore these questions, we’ve had some fun looking into what makes people love to travel and we’ve come up with these common characteristics from the people themselves. Want to know if you are a travel lover? If you have a couple of these traits then we would say you are!

Characteristics of a Travel Lover

You Love Meeting New People

Most people who love to travel, love meeting new people too! It makes sense really, as both go hand in hand. If you’re naturally curious and social, then travel is one of the best opportunities to expand your friendship network! If you love to meet fellow travelers and locals and are interested in their cultures and values and perspective of the world, then you are definitely a travel lover at heart!

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travel lover

You Love Exploring New Places

Everyone loves to go abroad and relax, to escape for a while to somewhere new, but what really makes a person a travel lover is why they love to explore a new place. Travel opens our eyes and mind to new ways of life, it lets us have unique experiences that change our way of thinking; we learn to appreciate what we have and it gives us the clarity and confidence to go for what we want. What makes a holiday maker and travel lover different, is that holiday makers only get a glimpse of this effect while they are away, while travel lovers travel to go in search of these experiences and return home (or to another country) with a wider world view.

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You Love Discovering New Foods

A big part of travel is the food, so it comes as no surprise that discovering new dishes and flavors is a common trait of people who love to travel! Food is one of the best insights into a new culture and their traditions, so if you find yourself craving the local food and opting for local hang outs over mainstream restaurants, you, my friend are a travel (and foodie) lover!

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travel lover

You Love to Learn for Your Personal Growth

Of course, with all the new experiences that come with travel, a common characteristic of a true travel lover is that they love to learn! Travel lovers are curious about anything and everything and are eager to learn as much as they can as they move from place to place. Be it a cultural custom, a culinary tale or a new skill, they will learn and absorb whilst on the move. From taking a city tour of the sights or mastering the art of paddle boarding to sharing a few beers with a local, nobody can stop them!

Learning to cook is great for our personal growth, so how does learning to make pasta like an Italian sound? Not only will you better yourself, but your stomach will thank you for it too!

travel lover

You Love Adventure, Spontaneity, and Anything that Pushes You Out of Your Comfort Zone!

One way you can tell whether you are a travel lover or not is to test your sense of adventure! When you travel do you like to venture into the unknown? Do you jump at new experiences that come up spontaneously? Do you adapt to changes or hiccups in your travels easily? If you love anything that pushes the boundaries that we set for ourselves and makes us dare to enter outside our comfort zones, then you are a born travel lover!

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So how did you fair on the travel scale? Did you have one or two or all of the characteristics that make you a true adventurer and travel lover?

Travel is a truly magical thing and the best way to get to know a country is through the locals. If you live to travel, find some truly unique and authentic food experiences with locals now with Eatwith!