Have you met Diane yet? No? Well, here’s your chance to meet her! Originally from Germany, Diane  moved to Paris 30 years ago and now is an urban bee keeper there.  Cool right! You can visit her two rooftop terraces and try her homemade honey… can you think of a better way to savor the taste of Paris?

Hello Diane! We’re curious to know: When did you start meal sharing?

Hi! Thank you for having me. It’s difficult to say as I’ve always opened my door to receive guests at my table., so always really.

How nice, and how would your friends and family describe your cooking?

They would probably define it as international.

Great, we love variety! So, as travel and food go hand in hand, tell us about your favorite traveling experience!

Hmmm, a travel experience? I’m hesitating between a year spent in Indonesia, a 2-month expedition to Antarctica on an icebreaker with researchers from the entire world, or the trip to Papua New Guinea. From a culinary point of view, Papua was the most challenging destination! On the daily menu, you’ll find deep-fried larvae, crickets, salamanders, grasshoppers, lizards and snakes, but on festive days, there is also wild pork which is prepared on heated stones and then buried in the ground to be cooked. Luckily, you can also find sagou, bananas and over a thousand varieties of sweet potatoes cultivated by different tribes which are simply delicious!

Wow that sounds amazing! Tell us, how did you learn to cook?

I never really learnt how to cook to be honest. I tend to document, test and learn from my mistakes 😉

That is the best way in our eyes! So, with your love of cooking and socialising, there must have been some stories.

What is your favorite story related to hosting?

Ah that’s easy…I once invited a German guest to dine with some French friends of mine. Let’s just say, six months later, my best friend married her and now they have children together. They are very happy!

How lovely! Okay, so we’ve heard about your background, now it’s time for some random culinary questions!

Who (dead or alive) would be the perfect guest for you?

I’d be delighted to welcome Pierre Rabhi at my table!

Wouldn’t we all! Next, which 3 items would you take to a deserted island?

If someone should suddenly catapult me onto a deserted island, I’d take two silex (fire), a chicken, which is at least one year old, eggs, and one knife (to make a harpoon, etc.) as well as a big plastic tarp for multiple uses.

Wow very prepared! If you had to choose, what would your last meal be?

Oh if I had to choose, definitely chocolate!

Great choice! Lastly, what is one ingredient that you can’t live without?


How sweet! Well thank you so much Diane for talking to us about your culinary background.

Want to book a dinner with Diane? You can be sure that a magical and unbelievable experience is guaranteed!