As we are well on our way into September, many of us sigh and think the summer has come to an end. While it’s close, it’s not the time to fret yet! We still have almost the whole of September to have some fun and make the most of the weather while it lasts, so put away those winter jumpers and listen up!

At Eatwith, we are never short of ideas to get people together, either over food, at unique events or fun activities, so to make the most of the rest of the summer, here are some cool things that you can do whether just you or with the kids!

Hit the Beach!

Who doesn’t love the beach? Answer: no one! Head out to your favorite local beach or discover a new spot, and enjoy a day filled with sun, sea, and sand! Whether you spend your time catching rays, catching crabs or making sand castles, everyone will be satisfied. 

Talking of the beach, how about enjoying a picnic on the sand ? Let’s just say, the Greeks know how to celebrate summer!

Take a Hands On Cooking Class

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, put them to good use and take a hands-on cooking class! Whether you’re at home or away, you can be sure to find a friendly local who would love to teach you the tricks of the trade. Plus you get to eat some delicious creations afterward so that’s time well spent!

Some locals may even be home chefs or run their own Michelin-starred restaurant! Discover French cookbook secrets and how food is meant to taste with local Stephanie in Paris!

Get Involved in Free Outdoor Sports

During the summer, towns and cities usually expand their resources and organize free events or sports that tend to take part in big parks. Check it out for yourself! You’ll be surprised how many tennis or football games that kids can get involved with or the weekly yoga classes or park runs that you can do. Plus it’s all free!

Want to combine your activity with food? Well, we have just the thing – a beachfront yoga brunch that will satisfy your appetite!

Join a Local Food Tour

Are you abroad this summer or in your own city? Wherever you are, a local food tour is one of the best ways to spend your crucial summer time. Take a food tour where you can explore local markets, learn about the city’s history and create your own unique menu that you can cook and eat together. You might just find that you rediscover your own city and fall in love with it all over again!

Oh yes! A Spanish vegan market tour in Sevilla with local foodie Marta. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a hot summers day!

Get creative in the kitchen

If the weather is too stifling or you have that odd rainy day, get creative and have fun at home. The only limit – your imagination! Why not try and bake some masterpieces in the kitchen or try your hand at creating a fort made out of bed sheets? You could even camp outside in your garden and star gaze just to do something different!

The ultimate ‘staying in’ activity has to be a pizza night, and it is the same for the locals in Milan! Join Cora for the ultimate comfort eating experience!

Explore a New Place!

One of our favorite ways to spend most of our time, not just the summer, is exploring! Summer is the perfect time to get on your explorer shoes and get outside, so whether you are discovering hidden gems in your local country or whisking yourselves away for a weekend city break, you can be sure that you’ll have tons of fun doing it!

There’s nothing like a food tour, especially on this wine route, to get the feel for a city and a taste for its food!

So there we go, summer ain’t over till we say it is! Just remember to make the most of the season when you can. Get outside and explore!

If a culinary adventure is something that you’re looking for, then don’t forget the thousands of local hosts on Eatwith who would love to share their cuisine and culture with you!