From New York to Florence, wine and dine in these homes for an evening

Sometimes it’s not about living in your dream home, but simply experiencing life in a dream home for just one evening. Whether you’re looking for some new home inspo, or craving a homemade meal from someone else’s kitchen, we’ve got endless doors waiting to be opened. Meet the hosts in some of our most unique spaces on Eatwith, book a seat at their tables, and make yourself feel at home (no rent required).

Christienne in New York

“I’m a full time retail store designer with a passion for food and cooking. I began hosting through EatWith to share my love of the food I grew up with. Born in Trinidad raised in Brooklyn, the islands and the city have been a great influence to my eclectic kitchen habits. I love learning, experimenting, and traveling and take a lot of inspiration from what’s around me wherever I am.”

Katie in San Francisco

“I’ve lived in Colorado, Washington, Colombia, London and now call San Francisco my home. I have travelled to dozens of countries and always stay in family homes where the kitchen is the center of the action. I’ve picked up tips and tricks from Italian grandmothers, Serbian foodies and Nicaraguan nannies, but whenever I am a guest in someone’s home, I always offer to cook for them. Food is love!”

Loly in Paris

“I love meeting people from different cultures. I worked in the music industry for 15 years, and now on Sundays I’m in charge of the Gaité Lyrique Théatre’s successful brunch. I love to eat green and to share this passion around me. I think that our health and the health of our beautiful planet start in what we eat.”

Ai in Brooklyn

“I grew up in Japan, helping my mother in the kitchen ever since I was a little kid, watching and learning as she cooked. In Brooklyn, my husband Mat and I built a small farm on our loft rooftop a few years ago and we grow many of the vegetables and greens I use in cooking — including the Japanese staple herb, shiso!”

Keren & Yael of “Habanot” in Tel Aviv

“Our first date was at a seafood restaurant, where we relished a plate of oysters and a few rounds of margaritas. From that point on, it didn’t take long until we were sharing our kitchen and our lives. Food was and always will be an important part of our lives. The ability to savor and to really enjoy tastes is central to us. It is like a work of art — a living, sensual creation. We feel and breathe tastes and smells. You will often find friends and neighbours at our kitchen, indulging in a meal or simply eating out of the pots.”

José Ángel in Mexico City

“I like to think of cooking as a true way to give affection to others. To receive guests at your table and cook for them is also give them a little bit of me, of my Mexico through its traditional taste: a slice of sun, a twist of pink, bright flowers, a deep black chocolate, a golden soft tortilla. I’m not a professional cook, but I really enjoy when I do it. My experience is still growing among stoves and casseroles.”

Mark & Nikki in Barcelona

“My true love for cooking started with watching my mom make traditional Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek dishes. Cooking was something that I always reserved for a few close friends and family. My wife and I decided to move to a land we fell in love with years ago for its traditions, cuisine, beautiful attitude and warm climate, and I am excited to finally share a bit of my soul with this experience in Barcelona, cooking for you.”

Valentina in Milan

“I’m a design journalist but I’ve always had a passion for food and wine. I’m in love with my city and I enjoy sharing experiences and laughs around the table… very Italian, isnt’ it?! In your plates you’ll find my passion for colorful food and healthy, natural ingredients, all surrounded by design and my collection of porcelains from all over the world.”

Momi & Jo in Florence

“We live in the hilly outskirts of Florence in a quite special spot, amongst olive groves, vineyards, pine and oak woods. Coming from big cities and having lived abroad for many years, the wealth and variety of Italy’s fruits and vegetables inspires us every day. Although we pursued very different paths in life (Momi, a Milanese, is an architect and Jo, a Spaniard, is an event producer), we have always loved cooking for family and friends and that’s how we first met… cooking for our children’s after-school playgroup!”

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