Follow Eatwith for unique culinary experiences, local tips and much more, directly in the new TripAdvisor travel feed.

Eatwith is excited to partner with TripAdvisor for the initial launch of their brand new travel feed. TripAdvisor users will now be able to follow friends, brands and travel experts such as Eatwith. Eatwith’s new profile gives users access to unique travel stories highlighting our hosts and experiences across the globe.

Here’s what you can expect

Planning a trip to New York, Paris, or London? No matter where you want to go, our TripAdvisor profile makes it simple to find an Eatwith experience that gives you a true taste of the city. Bookmark our “Trips” and see what’s available in the city you are visiting, all in one place.

Follow us on TripAdvisor to help you plan your next holiday, get personalized recommendations, and stay up to date with all our Eatwith hosts and events. You can even save your favorite or must-try experiences and share them with your friends and family.

How does it work?

If you see an experience that you’d like to attend, save the post. When you’re ready to book, all you have to do is click onto the host’s listing and select “Reserve.”

Ready for the wanderlust to begin? Create a TripAdvisor account and follow Eatwith here.