In honor of World Food Day, we’re bringing you 10 dishes from around the world that you absolutely have to try before you die! 

Alexis in Paris
Try these signature recipes by Eatwith hosts from all over the globe – your life isn’t complete until you’ve tried one (or all!) of these delicious dishes!

1. Sweet Potato Cake by Tamar

Sweet potato cake
Eatwith host Tamar was born in Mexico and is of Syrian, Polish, Lebanese, and Russian descent, and lives in the South Loop in Chicago. Check out her amazing recipe for sweet potato cake, a favorite amongst her Eatwith guests! Check out all of Tamar’s Chicago experiences.

2. Authentic Greek Moussaka by Giannis & Konstantinos

Authentic Greek moussaka
Hosts Giannis & Konstantinos are two brothers based in Athens, Greece. Their home in Athens has a beautiful panoramic view of the city, including the Acropolis and Lycabettus hill. Their recipe for traditional Moussaka is literally to die for! Check out all of Giannis & Konstantinos’ Athens experiences.

3. Parisian Pavlova by Odile

Parisian pavlova
Odile is one of the most-booked hosts in Paris. The recipes that she uses have been passed down in her family for generations, and her recipe for Pavlova has become her signature dessert at Eatwith events! If you’re a Pavlova fan, then you’ve got to make this recipe at least once in your life! Check out all of Odile’s Paris experiences.

4. Sogan-Dolma by Dina

Solgma Doma
Bosnian-born, current New-Yorker Dina shares her delicious family recipe for stuffed onions, a traditional Bosnian dish. These stuffed onions are absolute heaven when served with some crusty, sourdough bread. Check out all of Dina’s New York experiences.

5. Coquito Cocktail by Emilio

Coquito cocktail
Coquito, which means ‘little coconut’, is a traditional Caribbean drink that’s usually served around the holidays. Made with a mix of coconut milk, almond milk and rum, it’s the ultimate vacation cocktail that’ll transport you to the tropics! Emilio serves this Coquito cocktail at his festive Eatwith dinners with tropical vibes in San Francisco. Check out all of Emilio’s San Francisco experiences.

6. An Italian grandmother’s Tiramisù by Fiamma & Debora

Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert that everyone loves. But this version is made with a recipe that’s been handed down for generations in Fiamma & Debora’s family, and that’s what makes all the difference! Learn how to make this game-changing recipe here. Check out all of Fiamma & Debora’s Rome experiences.

7. Home-style Japanese Onigiri by Tomok

Bento box
If you haven’t tried your hand at making your own sushi and onigiri from scratch, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Get Tomok’s recipe for home-style Janapese onigiri here, and you’ll never want to eat store-bought again! Check out all of Tomok’s Tokyo experiences.

8. ‘Milk and Cookies’ by Maya & Yonatan

Milk & Cookies
Popular Eatwith hosts Maya & Yonatan have shared their recipe for their hit dessert: a reinterpretation of milk and cookies that features a milk ice cream and a delicious cocoa crumble. It’s the ultimate comfort food that will take you right back to your childhood! Check out all of Maya & Yonotan’s Tel Aviv experiences.

9. Watermelon Sorbet by Brien O’ Brien

Watermelon sorbet
Watermelon sorbet is the ultimate dessert when you need a bit of refreshment. MasterChef contestant and host Brien shares his recipe for watermelon sorbet that will change the way you eat watermelon for good! Check out all of Brien’s San Francisco experiences.

10. Seabass Tartare by Ruben​

seabass tartare
This delicious seabass tartare features raw artichoke and green apples and is seasoned with a yuzu and a tahini dressing. It’s prepared by Ruben, a Michelin-trained chef who hosts dining events in Rome. Bookmark the recipe for a life-changing seabass dish!  Check out all of Ruben’s Rome experiences.

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