The top travel destinations for 2020

Are you ready for a great start to 2020? Our list of the top 10 travel destinations around the world has everything you need for a delicious trip that will make this year unforgettable! 

1. Palermo, Sicily


Palermo is a vibrant port city with an exciting local food culture. Why not explore the historic center and sample the local street food at a street food tour with a chef, or have a typical Sicilian dinner in a 19th century Palermo home? 

2. Porto, Portugal


Porto is known for its beautiful weather, delicious food, and fantastic wine. You can learn how to make the famous Pastel de Nata at a cooking class, or try a local food and wine pairing to sample the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer. 

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has become a culinary hotspot in the last few years, and continues to gain notoriety thanks to its daring local chefs, strong gastronomic culture, and excellent local products. From tahini to falafel to hummus to chawarma, there’s just so much delicious food to try in Tel Aviv

4. Tokyo, Japan


Be sure to put Tokyo on your travel bucket list for 2020! Combining stunning modern architecture, surprising local cuisine and ancient temples and traditions, Tokyo is an exciting culinary destination that is sure to wow you.

5. Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is a unique city with both Eastern and Western influences. Separated by the Bosphorus river, the city is a culinary hidden gem. Be sure to go on a market tour with a tasting of local products, or try traditional Turkish home cooking with a view of the Bosphorus

6. Toronto, Canada


Toronto is a great city to enjoy the summer in, thanks to its multiple open spaces, parks, and gardens. The local food scene highlights a variety of different culinary cultures, and you’ll be able to find so many delicious things to eat in Toronto! 

7. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles

Known for its endless sunny days and abundance of movie stars, Los Angeles is also a great city to enjoy tacos, smoothies, lots of healthy food, and of course, to check out amazing chefs. Whether you explore the culinary scene of Los Angeles through a food tour, cooking class, or gourmet dinner, you’re guaranteed to have some amazing meals! 

8. Dubai, UAE


This year Dubai is going to host Expo 2020, giving you the perfect reason to explore this sunny destination. With all its amazing hotels, restaurants, and attractions, Dubai also has a vibrant food scene that’s worth exploring. Get a sense of the diverse culture of Dubai at a local dinner, or try a delicious Dubai-style brunch for fellow foodies! 

9. Paris, France


A visit to Paris, the ultimate gastronomic destination, wouldn’t be complete without taking a French cooking class, exploring the local markets at a food tour, or enjoying a gastronomic dinner prepared by an experienced chef. And of course, there’s the Eiffel Tower, too! 

10. Austin, USA


Austin, Texas is a young, dynamic city that’s full of students, families, and foodies! The perfect place to listen to live music, go on an outdoor adventure, or sample delicious Tex Mex food. Explore local Texan food through a beer tour, a steak dinner, a taco cooking class, and more! 

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