Take a trip down the rabbit hole and join us for an evening of gastronomy around the Mad Hatter’s table for our very own take on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel.

That Hungry Chef presents Alice in Wonderland, a story told through 8 courses by one of Eatwith’s top-rated hosts (7 years running!), Pratap Chahal.

From the moment Pratap and his wife Nikhat open the door to their beautiful North London home, you’ll be fully immersed in to the most incredible multi-sensory dining experience full of surprises. A beautiful communal “tablescape” sets the tone of the evening, intricately decorated with foliage, balloons, candles and amazing crockery.

The evening begins, as does Alice’s adventure, with a Drink Me potion, an aromatic cocktail made with one of their spice-infused spirits. Before you know it, bite-sized eat me delicacies mysteriously appear in front of you as you make your way through the Tugley Woods, keeping an eye and ear out for the fearsome Jabberwocky known to terrorise travellers in these wood.

Begin your fine dining feast with Mock Turtle Soup. A poached duck egg  is accompanied by lightly-curried cauliflower and a delicately spiced roast chicken broth answers Alice’s question and tells the story of the Mock Turtle in British history.

Before soon, we find Alice face to face with the Caterpillar looking for guidance and the main course of smoked lamb, curry leaf polenta, roast mushroom & olive crumb tells us of the Caterpillar’s advice to Alice.

As you’ve all been invited to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, you must keep your wits about you as all is not what it may seem, and after finishing your dessert, you may just find yourself momentarily slipping down the rabbit hole into Wonderland for a brief meeting with the creatures of Wonderland but we can’t t tell you any more about as it’s a very well kept secret.

Finally, we find ourselves face to face with the army of playing card soliders loyal to the queen and finishing the evening with one of Pratap’s deliciously unusual homeade liqueurs.

“I’m not mad, my reality is just different from yours”, purred the Cheshire Cat… The time has come to experience Alice in Wonderland like you never imagined it for yourself! 

This is “one of London’s coolest supper clubs” – TimeOut. You are in for a real treat! Book your seat at this Mad Hatter’s table for an incredible immersive dining experience you won’t forget, and don’t forget to BYOB!