A look at the delicious possibilities you can create using simple ingredients you may already have in your pantry.

Pantry Staples

Right now you may be homebound and limiting the number of trips you take to the market. But, even with limited ingredients, you can still cook up a delicious, filling meal. All you need are a few simple staples you may already have stocked up in your pantry and refrigerators.

To give you some cooking inspiration, our hosts are sharing six recipes they’ve been cooking using ingredients they already have in their kitchens.

1. Host Raquel’s Chicken Silog Bowl

Host Raquel's Silog
Philadelphia host Raquel’s chicken silog bowl

“This recipe is inspired by the Filipino egg and garlic rice bowls I would eat growing up. It’s perfect for brunch and hearty enough for dinner. Plus, it can easily be adjusted. Using silog as inspiration, I created this dish based on the essentials in my pantry.” – Host Raquel

Ingredients you’ll always find in Raquel’s kitchen: Rice, garlic, and Thai chili

Get host Raquel’s recipe here.

2. Host Mattia and Chiara’s Artichoke & Salmoriglio Pasta

Spaghetti with artichoke and pesto
Sicily hosts Mattia and Chiara’s artichoke and salmoriglio pasta

“This recipe is inspired by a popular street food dish found in Sicily – grilled artichokes with salmoriglio dressing (a tangy lemon, garlic, and oregano sauce). We love artichokes in all their shapes and forms, and we believe the secret for a good pasta dish is the simplicity and the respect of the ingredients involved in the recipe.” – Hosts Mattia and Chiara

Ingredients you’ll always find in Mattia and Chiara’s kitchen: Spaghetti, artichokes, and extra delicious olive oil

Get the hosts Mattia and Chiara’s recipe here.

3. Host Capri’s Crustless Broccoli Quiche

Capri's Crustless Quiche
Washington, D.C. host Capri’s crustless broccoli quiche

“This recipe is a good way to maximize what you may have on hand and can be made for any meal. It’s also a hit in my house!” – Host Capri

Ingredients you’ll always find in host Capri’s kitchen: Eggs, cheese, broccoli

Get host Capri’s recipe here.

4. Host Paola’s Italian Lentil Tomato Stew

Italian Lentil Tomato Stew
London host Paola’s Italian Lentil Tomato Stew

“This is a dish I cook regularly when I don’t have time to hit the shops. But it’s full of goodness. Plus, this style of food is inspired by the recipes from Puglia, Italy where my family is from. This dish is a beautiful example of delicious ‘cucina povera’ – humble cooking.” – Host Paola

Ingredients you’ll always find in host Paola’s kitchen: Lentils, vegetable stock, and red wine

Get host Paola’s recipe here.

5. Host Gianfranco’s Risotto alla Milanese with a Southeast Asian Twist

Gianfranco's Risotto
Host Gianfranco’s Curry Risotto

“Risotto is a traditional dish in Milan. In this recipe, I add an Eastern twist with an ingredient that I feel is appreciated worldwide – curry!” – Host Gianfranco

Ingredients you’ll always find in Gianfranco’s kitchen: Rice, curry, butter

Get host Gianfranco’s recipe here.

6. Host Giuseppe’s Everything Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers
New York City host Giuseppe’s stuffed bell peppers

“Stuffed bell peppers always remind me of my mom and her ability to make amazing dishes out of nothing – with just a few simple ingredients!” – Host Giuseppe

Ingredients you’ll always find in Giuseppes’s kitchen: Bell peppers, rice, tomatoes

Get host Giuseppe’s recipe here.

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