Our hosts are sharing passed-down family recipes that they learned from their mothers or inspired by the most amazing women of their lives.  

Shanghai lumpia from host Raquel in Philadelphia, United States.

“Shanghai lumpia is an absolute staple in every Filipino household. I remember sneakily eating them as a kid right off the paper towel my mom would cool them on. She knew to make extra because my brothers and I would stuff our faces with the little egg rolls that made an appearance at every family party. I mean is a Filipino party really a Filipino party without lumpia? This recipe is an adaptation from the ones my mom and titas (aunts) used to make when I was a kid. I distinctly remembered biting into so many of them and always seeing orange so I knew when I started making my own that it had to have a good amount of carrots. This recipe is short and simple but will most definitely have you reminiscing about your mom’s kitchen!” Host Raquel.

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West Indian family go-to recipe seasoning from host Toya in New York, United States.

“Growing up, I’ve learned from my grandmothers and mother that family and traditions are valuable. One long-standing tradition that exists in my family today is the ability to prepare food and be knowledgeable about the ingredients you’re using. These lessons are vital because women in my family believe each generation needs to be independent and self-sufficient.  At a young age, my grandmothers and mother taught me about gardening and ingredients, and how to make several traditional recipes.  One recipe that stood out the most is our family seasoning. It’s a combination of alliums and herbs blended with citrus – a few simple ingredients with distinct flavor, texture, and vibrant colors that highlight the natural flavors of a dish. This recipe has become a vital staple in my family for over 5 generations.” Host Toya.

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Jollof rice recipe from host Afia in Playa del Rey, LA, United States.

Jollof Rice

“I grew up in Accra, Ghana in West Africa and cooking has always been part of my life. I still remember sitting around the kitchen fire at 4 years old helping my mom and older siblings cook. Thinking back, some of my fondest memories were being with my mom in the kitchen, singing songs while cooking. One of the dishes I loved watching my mom prepare was jollof rice. She always knew how to play with herbs and spices to really bring out different flavors. This was one of my favorite dishes so when I was 7 years old, she helped me cook my first pot. She encouraged me to play with flavors and put my own twist to it. The outcome was delicious! Since then, I’ve continued to make jollof rice – following my mom’s techniques.” – Host Afia. 

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Escarole and Bean Soup recipe from host Giuseppe in New York, United States.

Escarole and beans soup

“My mom used to make this dish, especially in the winter. It reminds me of happy times spent with family. It’s a simple dish that comes from a place of love. The recipe I use dates back to my ancestors who prepared the soup during hard times. It reminds me, especially in this unsettling moment of humanity, how simplicity, slow-living and (slow-cooking) can be the keys for a happy simple life.” – Host Giuseppe.

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