Exploring a culture means getting to know their cuisine, and the key behind its preparation.

No matter where you are in the world, eating is always a pleasure, and now, you can learn to make the destination’s specialties directly from the hands of locals! Eatwith offers culinary classes in cities around the world where expert chefs and local hosts share their skills and recipes, offering to share the gifts of the techniques and secrets of the dishes they’ve worked so hard to master. With a great variety of classes available, from online cooking classes to in-person culinary workshops, there is sure to be an activity that everyone will love, even if it’s a virtual class. There are always exclusive offers for new classes, so check out Eatwith for more information. Get all the latest information on our website and make a reservation today!

Authentic Ethiopian cooking class in London Food Market

Ethiopian food is soothing for the soul. Whether it’s ons a Tuesday or a Saturday, for breakfast or for supper, an Ethiopian dish on the table is always welcome. In London, you can learn to cook Ethiopian food from Nazareth, an expert in the cuisine. As an instructor, she welcomes you into her kitchen to experience the best part of the London Food Market. Learn how to use simple cooking techniques to prepare an Ethiopian feast packed with powerful flavors that you may have never tried before, followed by a traditional coffee ceremony – Ethiopian style! Treat your taste buds and try something new. Cook your new comfort food with Nazareth!

Taste of Africa cooking class in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only the home of the stars but also of chef Afia, whose profile highlights her mastery of African food. While her kitchen appliances might say America, her hands and taste buds, the true kitchen tools, stay true to Africa. Using traditional herbs and spices and infusing her dishes with a modern twist makes the flavors truly unique. . Chef Afia welcomes anyone who is passionate about food to come and enjoy some time together, sharing stories about food with each other while perfecting your own version of an African dish on a Friday in LA. Reserve a spot to transport yourself to Africa!

Learn how to cook Tuscan food in Florence

While there are so many versions of pizza nowadays, only a select few can master authentic Italian pizza… and Patrizia happens to be one of them! While in Florence, the experience of learning to make real handmade pizza is not to be missed. Patrizia will guide guests step by step and answer any questions about baking the perfect crispy pizza bursting with cheese, flavors, and joy. Enjoyed by kids and grandparents alike, homemade pizza will bring excitement to any meal, be it a garden picnic in the sun or a December night at home while watching a good movie. This is your chance to take an authentic Italian pizza home with you! 

Authentic Balinese market tour and cooking class in Ubud

Whenever you are in Bali, the exotic island at the heart of Indonesia, make sure you explore the rich, colorful local cuisine and culture. The view and ambiance of the island will transport you to a magical place, and you’ll want to leave with so much more than just a few snapshots from your trip. The best way to relive your stay in Bali  is to cook the food you had there, and Eatwith welcomes you to join a class full of cultural insights, conversations with locals, and amazing food. With Jambangan Bali, shop at traditional markets for fresh ingredients and food products, among others, then cook your own traditional dishes. Take Balinese cuisine and recipes back home with you!

Paella cooking class and dinner inside the Triana market

The world famous paella, a huge plate of flavor upon flavor, will definitely leave you wanting more!  Learn how to make paella in your own kitchen from host Dome in Seville, the home of this amazing dish. He will guide you every step of the way, from getting the best fresh ingredients at the Triana market to preparing and serving the meal, just like a professional restaurant would, so that you can do the same at home for your friends and family. Don’t miss out on this experience where you can take in the gorgeous city, meet some new friends, and have a great time.  Book your spot now!