“Mulan Rouge” Drag-Tastic Burlesque & Banquet

Textbook postmodernism meets the musical Moulin Rouge and Mulan by Disney in this new immersive experience like we’ve never seen before.

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The Vaults theatre of London has transformed their venue into a banquet: complete with a musical cabaret telling the story of Mulan who lands on the stage as a warrior but spiced up with drag and dancers. And this time gender plays no role in the message of the story, so you’ll definitely enjoy this unique production. Buckle up for a night of glitz, satin, music, comedy, and an amazing four-course feast!

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Inspired by legendary names including Baz Luhrmann, Toulouse-lautrec, Shayshay, Mulcahy, and Mistinguett, this musical aims to live up to the classics, the cabarets of fabulous kings with colorful stories. Mulan Rouge now creates a truly mesmerizing experience for all 5 senses, combining absolutely mouthwatering food with an amazing show.

The musical tickets include delicacies specially prepared by talented chefs: an Asian appetizer of ginger tofu, followed by baked Camembert and braised lamb in tomatoes, then topped off with French cancan and Champagne. With food that great, and fantastic performances to enjoy on stage, what else could you ask for? The dress code requires guests to don some glam, prepare for a joyful riot with glamorous inspiration for the event of the year with your favorite drag artist!

If you are a fan of the Moulin Rouge at the musical Piccadilly Theatre or come regularly to the musical Al Hirschfeld Theatre, the Vaults would be a great destination to add to your list. Here, extremely talented producers create artwork without film; instead, they interact with audiences through song, rhythm, and strobe lights.

Who would have thought that the world of musical London is so crazy and colorful? Organizations like The Vault have been working long and hard to provide experiences just like this for you, with sophisticated systems and countless details all perfectly set up, from the soundtrack, to the rehearsals, to the tickets.

Whether you’re part of an audience in Boston or Hong Kong, this event is definitely worth it. It’s quite the experience really, to eat your fill of delectable food, watch a mid-November drag performance, take a photograph with a popular cast member, and have loads of fun!

Make a reservation on Eatwith now and let The Vaults take you from their underground theatre into Mulan’s training grounds, full of magic, humor and the finest glam! 

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