London’s supper club series continues with the next big thing, vegan menus.

If you are a fan of the pop-up concept, having an intimate meal on a night out in the heart of London, then you are surely familiar with the scene. Delicious food by an expert chef or your favorite host to treat your tastebuds, a cozy place, good conversation with friends or other guests, a regular Thursday night could be the highlight of your week at a supper club.

From vegetarian meatballs to gluten free bread, dishes are getting more and more creative. Veganism calls chefs to experiment with mushrooms instead of meat, using tomato instead of ham, and other ingredients which will result in dishes full of flavor, never taking away from the taste of regular dishes. In a vegan supper club experience, at a pop-up in the middle of October or November, guests line up to taste these spectacular dishes.  There are so many categories and menus when it comes to supper clubs, with many awesome opportunities to taste unique food which will blow you away with their simplicity in presentation but depth in flavor.

At Eatwith, vegan supper clubs are all the rage. These places of art, really, are all over the map of London. Click on the links to book future events, in December or in March, and you might even get a discount! Visit our page to learn more about supper clubs, where you can check an event’s review and available dates. Meanwhile, here are some of our favorite London vegan supper clubs to check out.

Chef Carl’s French and Lebanese meal is the food version of a French fashion show, conceptual and artistic and is just a pleasure to attend. Packed with flavors and innovative dishes, the meal aims to celebrate diversity and bring people together through creativity, art, and culture reflected through the cooking.

It all started when Chef Carl decided to eat vegan, and found that French vegan dishes lack the imagination it needed in the vegan sphere. Inspired by both French and Lebanese cuisine, Métropolitain seeks to inspire and satisfy a vegan’s appetite for good food. This casual pop-up supper club is located at Notting Hill and draws in crowds from all over London for a taste definitely worth the trip!

Chef Jon Vilar invites guests to travel through Asia with his dishes, from the Middle East, Mediterranean, to Pan Asia and the south. His fusion tasting menu is made up of 12 conceptual dishes all with a background story and creative process he is happy to share throughout the meal. Creating a vegan menu has inspired chef Jon to broaden his mind even wider, sourcing inspiration from all over Asia to create plant-based dishes so full of flavor and texture. 

Exotique’s Shoreditch venue welcomes guests to head in with a hungry stomach and leave full of Asian fusion dishes, satisfied after a great evening together!

Chef Rishim has won multiple awards and now busies himself cooking for special events and dinners like this one. Celebrating the first harvest of local seasonal British produce, chef Rishim launched a menu with a discovery concept in 6 courses to highlight all the best quality ingredients he can get his hands on.

With a venue in Soho, this modern British dinner welcomes vegans and meat eaters alike to explore plant-based dining and all the flavors that they can produce. Enjoying the night with friends, a drink, and excellent food has led to praising reviews and recommendations for the event.