With all the entertainment, wealth, and sunny beaches of Los Angeles, some might overlook the best part of culture here, the food.

A melting pot of cuisines from around the world, LA is home to an endless variety of chefs, each with their own menu. The sprawling city is really a culinary capital, with no end to what you can taste in the area.

From Malibu to Pasadena, the various locations to grab a bite range from a to z. Eat sushi by a Japanese server or pastries and a french dip sandwich at the république, for example. Visit classic diners for avocado toast or steakhouses for a ribeye. There is no geographical limit, really, for the cuisine here, any food from around the world is welcome. Go to koreatown for bulgogi and a Korean bbq, or opt for a vegetarian burger instead.  From porridge, falafel, to vegan meat, nothing is off the table in LA! 

There is no better way to take it all in than with a local friend, a fellow foodie who knows their way around the city’s food. Eatwith offers culinary adventures with local hosts to guide you and have the best experience possible. They will show you the most original part of LA, the amazing food and where they come from. Try some for yourselves by attending these events, it is finally time to leave your house and explore!

Chef Aliye is ready to wow you with her Turkish Californian menu, inspired by her childhood comfort food. The Mediterranean spices and flavors all add up to an exotic cuisine of alchemy and history she is ready to share with you.

This Los Angeles dinner is perfect for the city’s weather, sitting around the table outside under the stars. In a magical garden near Long Beach, Aliye’s cozy dinner is just what you need to brighten up your week. Let your tongue taste an explosion of flavors while your heart enjoys the company and laughter with new friends.

Authentic Venezuelan Dinner & Arepa Making Lesson

Sarah and Chris invite you into their kitchen in Santa Monica, overlooking the LA scene of palm trees under a clear blue sky. With a 3-course venezuelan menu, their dishes are unbelievably good, flavorful and creative, especially the Arepas.

Besides a fulfilling dinner, you can learn to make your own Arepas with Sarah and Chris. Benevolent hosts and great instructors, they will guide you step by step to create this authentic Venezuelan staple food. Come home happy, full, and with a practical recipe you can recreate at home.

Al Fresco Italian Dinner with Wine Pairing in Sherman Oaks

Alessia is a master of cooking Italian food, and she will show her skills off at this vegetarian dinner. Made with seasonal ingredients, her vegetarian menu is also inspired by contemporary cuisine around the world.

Held in an outdoor garden in Van Nuys, this dinner is eclectic and will be full of fun culinary explorations! You will taste how Alessia focuses on quality ingredients, never reducing the flavor without meat based ingredients. From starter to dessert and wine pairings, her food will coddle your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

Middle Eastern 9-course feast in Los Angeles

Jacqueline is just hospitable, and loves to cook authentic middle eastern feasts for her guests. Her 9-course dinner will fill your stomach with exotic flavors and spices, with a story behind every dish. 

Sit at Jacqueline’s table in Canoga Park and let your tongue roam the wonders of the middle east. The dishes just keep on coming, with new flavors to explore as they get better and better. Complete your dinner with drinks included, a benevolent host, and some great company. You will definitely have a memorable night!