Christmas season is upon us! Make sure that the holiday spirit is strong as you eat your way through the season.

The trend right now, however, is to feast on more than just classic Christmas food. Vegan food for Christmas is on the rise, and Eatwith is here for it.

This year, Eatwith invites you to celebrate the festive season together. Hop on the trend of perfect vegan food for Christmas. Try a vegan wellington, pot roast, panforte, and eggnog instead of the typical ones. With quality ingredients and dishes so full of flavour, a vegan Christmas dinner should definitely be on the holiday to-do list. 

Instead of using shop-bought shortcrust pastry to bake pies, our favorite hosts boast homemade meals cooked with love, passion, and the best ingredients. Using brussels sprouts, butternut squash, chickpeas, carrots, red pepper, and other vegetables, chefs squeeze their creative juices out to make spectacular dishes.  A lentil bake, cranberry squash, and chestnut cinnamon pie with maple syrup might just have more flavour than your typical recipe. All the veggies combined make for an unexpected delicious dinner.

From the mains and sides to desserts and even leftovers, the dinner will be one to remember. Our favorite vegan Christmas dinners are not ones to miss.

Whole Plant Based Italian Dinner

An Italian Christmas dinner is soothing for the soul and refreshing for the tongue! Stephanie loves sharing how quality food can be medicine for the body. Obviously, Christmas is the perfect time to host a feast of delicious yet healthy food. Her vegan 4-course dinner starts with a drink, small plates, and a salad. This passionate host then highlights her tofu lasagna and finishes with chocolate pudding for dessert.

A dinner party like this one in Omaha is just perfect for vegan foodies. Dining with like-minded people, sharing the good food, and basking in the festive spirit makes for one great evening.

Casual chic dining at a pop-up supper club, eating vegan French food? This is the epitome of trendy. Métropolitain in London is hosting a special Christmas menu, prepared by Lebanese chef Carl.. From a flaky pastry cup to creamy potatoes and vegan beef, Carl has it all. Finish your dinner with delicious log cake and strawberry truffles. Made up of 9 courses, this modern French dinner is a must.

Set in a lowkey cocktail bar, this pop-up dinner is the highlight of London’s modern foodie culture. Meet new friends, have a good conversation and celebrate the festivities together over an amazing feast.

This 9-course feast is perfect for Christmas with a contemporary Asian fusion menu by chef Jon Villar. With extensive experience, his dishes are inspired by travels around the world as well as his childhood food. Ingredients like tofu, cabbage, hummus, and taro are developed and transformed into amazing dishes, using a great recipe for vegans he created.

The Shoreditch venue will serve beautiful dishes artfully plated and presented, each dish just getting better and better. A Christmas dinner here is bound to be full of flavor and passion, transporting you to an exotic state of taste.

There are countless other events according to your preferences at Eatwith. Celebrate Christmas the way you want to and follow what your appetite says! Visit Eatwith’s website to check out more options and book a seat. Let your taste buds roam free this holiday season!