Full of family traditions, Janice and Francesa continue their family’s love of food by sharing it with others in Rome. Hosting guests is more than just social time for these sisters, you’ll get a true Italian experience with them!

Below you will learn more about their inspiration for cooking and hosting!

Authentic Italian dining experiences in Rome


What is your favourite childhood memory of food? What flavours take you back to that childhood memory?

Our favorite childhood memory of food is when our grandmother came to visit us to prepare gnocchi with us and our mother, so soft that they melted in your mouth. With that sweet and so special tomato sauce prepared by our mother. It was really a great party!

What inspired your love of food?

The days spent with our grandmother, Marcella, in the first 15 days of August inspired our love of food, when we spent part of the Summer holidays with her, among the stories of her life and stories of her recipes, of which she told us her secrets (our grandmother had a restaurant in the heart of Trastevere, a neighborhood in the historic center of Rome).

What do you love most about hosting guests?

The thing we love most about hosting guests is cooking for them because through our recipes we like to tell the stories of our family. As a result, our guests are more open about themselves and tell us who they are with simplicity and feeling.

What new flavours or cuisines are you hoping to try this year?

We would like to deepen the Roman culinary art.

Where in the world have you tasted the best food?

We have tasted the best food in Italy despite having traveled a lot.

What ingredient would you take with you to a deserted island?

We would take with us to a deserted island, olive oil.

How has the social climate of the past two years affected you professionally?

The social climate of the last two years has led us to further improve our culinary skills and to deepen the art of receiving to make our guests feel truly happy during our events.

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