Learn about Barcelona food festivals and start planning your trip to the city that needs to be explored by eating it. 

Welcome to the culinary capital of Catalonia! Barcelona is a city that can cater to every palate, from authentic tapas to modern fusion cuisine. One of the best ways to experience the culinary delights of the city is to attend one of Barcelona’s many food festivals. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through Barcelona’s top food festivals, including the Born food festival, Van Van market, El Grec al Sec, and Tast a la Rambla. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to one of these festivals, as we’ll also give you a tasty alternative!

paella at a Barcelona food festival

Barcelona’s Best Food Festivals

Born Food Festival

Happening in June, this is a very popular street food festival in Barcelona. This market-style food festival has local vendors showcasing the best of Catalan cuisine such as croquettes, paella, and patatas bravas. In addition, there are also booths dedicated to international cuisine, so you can get a taste of Asian or Middle Eastern dishes. The Born Food Festival is usually held in June, and it’s located in the heart of Barcelona’s trendy El Born neighborhood.

Van Van Market

This food festival is a unique concept that blends street food with local and sustainable producers. You’ll find a diverse range of food trucks and stands, making everything from falafel to paella. The food is innovative and delicious, with a focus on organic and locally-sourced ingredients. The festival takes place in different neighborhoods throughout the year, so keep an eye on their website for the next location.

El Grec al Sec

This food festival takes place in June-July in the trendy Poble Sec neighborhood and is dedicated to showcasing the flavors of Catalonia. You’ll find traditional Catalan dishes, as well as modern interpretations from some of Barcelona’s top chefs. The festival also hosts workshops and tastings, where you can try your hand at making your own paella or learning how to make the perfect gin and tonic. Make sure to attend this festival in July and experience the best of Catalan cuisine.

Tast a la Rambla

Happening around June, this is one of Barcelona’s most popular food festivals, and for good reason. Located on the beautiful La Rambla boulevard, this festival is a paradise for foodies. Over 40 local restaurants and food producers come together to offer a diverse range of dishes, from classic tapas to creative fusion cuisine. There are also food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and live music to keep you entertained. This festival takes place in June, so make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Dine with Locals – Eatwith

If you can’t make it to one of these festivals, or if you want a more exclusive culinary experience, Eatwith is the answer. Eatwith is a platform that offers immersive dining experiences with local hosts, where you can taste authentic dishes in a homely setting. 

This is not just any dining experience, but a chance to savor the best of Barcelona’s cuisine and gain insight into the customs surrounding local food. You’ll be dining in a local’s home and enjoying authentic meals that they have prepared. You can choose from a variety of cuisines, from Catalan to Moroccan, and have the chance to learn from the host’s cooking techniques and culture. It’s a great way to meet like-minded travelers and food lovers, while enjoying a unique culinary experience.


Whether you’re a foodie or just a curious traveler, Barcelona’s food festivals are a must-visit. From the locally-sourced produce to the innovative dishes, you’ll find a real appreciation for Catalan cuisine. If you can’t attend one of these festivals, don’t worry, as Eatwith offers an alternative way to experience authentic food culture. So pack your appetite and head over to Barcelona for an adventure!