Planning a private event can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, as a lover of hosting, I find it really fun and freeing to let someone else take charge so I can enjoy the occasion stress-free.

I’m going to walk you through the necessary steps for choosing and booking a private dining event with eatwith, as well as what you can expect, and why you should book one.

Let’s dive in!

What is a private event? 

A private event is essentially a customized private dining experience booked just for you/your group. Unlike open events, no other guests can book the same event as you on the same day.

Why book a private event?

Private events allow you to enjoy a smooth experience just the way you want it. Picture this: an exclusive dinner party under the stars, a cooking class with a local chef, or perhaps a creative multi-course feast designed just for your group. Whichever type of experience you choose, your private event will be tailored to your group, and can guarantee an authentic, unparalleled culinary experience. 

Who can book a private event?

Anyone! You might be an individual looking to host a personal celebration or a travel agent seeking to curate a memorable experience for your clients–eatwith can cater to all. Whether it’s for your birthday, a memorable team building activity, or you’re organizing a trip for a large group, the key to creating a memorable event is to envision the type of event you want. Will it be an intimate dinner gathering, a hands-on cooking workshop, or perhaps a culinary tour of a vibrant city?

You can directly book an event yourself through your guest account or Travel Agent account, or you can send us a request by sharing some key information with us (size of group, budget, location, and date) to find out what’s available.

If you can’t decide what activity to do, deciding the size of your group is key. How big do you want to go? In Paris you can book a 4-course fine-dining menu with wine pairing in a converted wine cellar for up to 12 guests–a particularly unique venue for private events. In London our hosts have organized hen parties for up to 20 guests and a host in Seville welcomes groups of almost 50 guests on a regular basis throughout the summer season. 

What to expect at a private event?

I’ve been to a private event in Nice hosted by Christophe and Nicolas where 30 of us learnt to make local delicacies on the terrace, listened to French music, snapped pics with the view of Nice in the background, and then enjoyed everything we helped make! I have also attended a private dinner in Barcelona which was very different. Our group of seven feasted on a 5-course international menu and celebrated Christmas with our festive playlist playing in the background. The hosts spoiled us with bubbly and created a warm and beautiful space for us to get together.

Normally these events are relaxed and informal, though you can get a taste of the host’s style from their profile and published experiences. You’ll have time to get to know your host, have some drinks together, and learn about the food, the cooking process, and the local culture. At each event I’ve been to, the host has made an effort for us to feel comfortable and at home. Come as you are!

How can you tailor the event to your group?

From my experience, eatwith hosts love organizing private events. Take the opportunity to chat directly with them beforehand to let them know your dietary requirements, any special requests you might have, and to understand a bit more about what to expect. If you have a favorite cuisine or are curious to try something bold and new, it’s worth telling them! They will normally go the extra mile to make it particularly special for you–you can really trust your host to make a memorable experience.

If you book a private event through eatwith, you can guarantee authenticity and delicious food. Eatwith hosts offer a range of dining experiences from home cooked local dishes to luxury fine-dining experiences that will no doubt impress and inspire your group. Dining with a local host, your guests will gain insight into local culture and culinary traditions, adding authenticity to the whole experience. While each event is unique, what is guaranteed is that each experience can capture the essence of local cuisine by serving fresh, homemade seasonal menus.

What have others said?

Sue: Love the experiences you offer - they never disappoint!

Donna: Thanks so very much for your assistance. I remain a true believer in the eatwith product and will use it at every opportunity! As a travel agent I recommend it to all my clients!

Abi: These kind of experiences break the monotony. If you go to a corporate event you are supposed to go to a nice restaurant, maybe owned by a big company. Why not go down the road to a really nice Italian lady who is fantastic, and that you can go to her home and talk to her, and have an amazing evening, I rather give her my money than to some shareholders.

Ready to turn your vision into reality? 

Booking a private event with eatwith is a breeze. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated team at [email protected] or fill out our Private Event request form to get some ideas and kickstart the planning process. With expert guidance and personalized attention, we're here to ensure that your event exceeds all expectations!