Love permeates the air, and what better way to pay homage than immersing yourself in a shared culinary experience this Valentine's Day? At eatwith, we recognize the extraordinary power of food to unite people, forging connections that transcend the ordinary. Embark on a love-filled adventure with us as we share enchanting love stories, celebrate the joy of friendship through delectable food experiences, and unveil exciting new plans in the heart of London.

Singles supper club in London

A Tale of Food, Love, and Planes​

Contemplating Valentine's Day plans brought to mind the most enchanting dining experience I had at eatwith. Anticipating an intimate gathering with only two fellow diners, I was pleasantly surprised – they turned out to be an incredibly charming couple! Initial concerns about unintentionally intruding on their romantic date swiftly transformed into an unexpected, joyous discovery.

Imagine this: he's a pilot and she's a flight attendant. Though they call New York home, their love story unfolds across the globe. Their secret recipe for keeping the flame alive involves romantic dates in different cities, orchestrated rendezvous in handpicked, exciting eateries. As I absorbed all the secrets about turbulence, jet lag, and plane food, I became part of a unique narrative – a delightful blend of love and culinary delights.

Dining Experiences: Where Modern Romance Meets Timeless Traditions

Food is not just a way to express affection for those we love; it's also a powerful tool for building new relationships, making it the best way to truly get to know someone. The tradition of first dates in restaurant settings is grounded in the understanding that the simple act of sharing food creates bonds of trust and closeness. 

Food experiences have the incredible potential to go beyond traditional relationships, fostering friendships, sparking love stories, and more. Whether you're a couple looking for a unique dining experience in London or a solo traveler seeking connections, these culinary adventures offer the perfect blend of intimacy and discovery.

Valentine's supper club hosted by Jigs in Notting Hill

​​Londoners, Are You Looking for Different Romantic Things To Do on Valentine's Day? 

In modern times, romantic dinners are the way to celebrate love and friendship and to meet new people. London's contemporary heartbeat offers an unparalleled experience for celebrating love amid its modern, urban charm. Why not join the celebration at Arepatoire, a Colombian-Italian dining experience, and indulge in an  eclectic blend of flavors that reflects the dynamic backdrop of this cosmopolitan city?

Valentine’s Day is also a chance to meet new people. Singles supper clubs provide a fun way to indulge in exquisite food and create meaningful connections–Dost in Notting Hill sells men and women's tickets for a uniquely tailored Valentine's celebration. Additionally, the Love Bites experience returns for 2024 at Peckham Cellars. A leisurely afternoon of wine tasting, flirting, and fun awaits!

Colombian-Italian Valentine's feast in London

What to do this Valentine's Day? 

This Valentine's Day, let's celebrate love in all its forms–romantic, platonic, and everything in between. Whether sharing a meal with a longtime partner, a new friend, or exploring the potential for something more, eatwith provides the perfect ambiance and food to make your experience truly special. The table is set, the atmosphere is inviting, and the connections are waiting to be made. 

Happy feasting, and may your Valentine's Day be filled with love, laughter, and delicious moments shared with those who matter most!