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Imagine arriving to El Call, the old Jewish quarter, from crowded streets and narrow lanes, and you enter two enormous wooden doors and a patio that holds the XIII remains of the original house. This four floor, single standing building, with a renovation by award winning architects, reaches to the sky and hosts original stones, walls and two rooftop terraces. Now cultural space and centre of research called Casa Adret, you literally eat with history as we weave the history of the old Jewish quarter and explore Jewish food traditions. Monica, from Mexico City, was raised in a Syrian Jewish family, and Eva, from Melbourne Australia, has Askenazi Polish heritage and Irish roots. Together, we are Toldot Barcelona. Though we from very different backgrounds, different corners of the globe, our journey has been intertwined through food. Food has always been part of our lives, for us food is memory, food is experience, food is heritage, food is story. We explore a celebration of family flavours and traditions and want to share them with you! We create a ‘festival table’, abundant salads, salsas, dips, artisan breads, and dishes that hold a personal history while paying homage to the incredible history of Casa Adret and the beautiful local produce here in Barcelona. We want to create an experience where you can share your stories and we can tell ours. We believe that worlds can come closer by eating at the same table and sharing flavours!

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