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Meet Stephanie And Velco
I (Stephanie) am from the South of the US, and my partner (Velco) is from the North of Italy. We discovered our mutual love (obsession) with food on our first date, and have been cooking together since then. We both learned to cook from our families, and have both taken our cooking beyond what our parents taught us as we learn to be more environmentally and health conscious. A few years ago, Velco was a partner in the first certified organic restaurant in New York state and the third "greenest" restaurant in the US. Our food is all organic and, as much as possible, locally sourced. We keep basic principles of health in mind - cook from scratch, have a balanced plate, and celebrate the fresh vegetables of the season. We spend our weekends making sourdough bread and pasta from scratch and our weeknights making creative meals from our CSA. We recently moved to Brooklyn, where we have a beautiful backyard that (in true tribute to my southern roots, and with much help from my mother) I've turned into a garden full of tomatoes, herbs, greens, peas and squash that we can integrate into our meals. We're excited about the opportunity to share our love of food and host new friends in our beautiful backyard space.

Authentic, Organic Italian Under the Brooklyn Sky

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Jan 22, 2018
Stephanie and Felco welcomed us into their beautiful home and prepared for us the most amazing meal . This meal was executed with such thoughtfulness and care using the finest, freshest healthy organic ingredients grown in their own backyard. We so appreciate the time and effort they took to prepare each of the courses along with the time taken to bake the different breads they served. Their kindness and caring really shine in how delicious each and every course was right down to the ice cream they made and the brownie they baked. Along with them we met other wonderful people and had a great evening of conversation and cheer. It was a beautiful evening and we look forward to seeing them again!
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Jan 22, 2018
I'll try to limit my enthusiasm and not rave for too long about what a wonderful dinner Stephanie and Velco hosted. The two were such interesting, passionate, and genuine individuals that I couldn't help but feel that I was incredibly lucky to be part of their dinner. The food was inspired and delicious. We dinned on the patio surrounded by their garden that provided much of the food we ate. Knowing that all the food was either grown in the garden or purchased from organic producers made the dinner even more special. I find it incredibly charming that I caught a glimpse of Velco's notes on the precise details for plating each of the courses. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this wonderful atmosphere with great food and people.
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Meet Stephanie And Velco
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