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T&T Curry Night - Goat!

4 to 6
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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Apr 11, 2017
We booked as a group of four, the hosts were charming and the food amazing, much better than I have eaten in some restaurants. The menu was very well thought out and balanced. It was our first experience in this type of dining and would thoroughly recommend. Easy to find and an excellent way to make new friends.
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Mar 29, 2017
Location - Very easy to find, good access from public transport. Very clean and tidy surroundings, and very homely feel made the entire experience very relaxing from the onset. Hosts - key ingredient to that homely feel and perfect ambience made me and my baggage feel right home and at ease. Very friendly and engaging throughout the event and really drove home some strong feelings of nostalgia. The meal - the business I was there for ! Perfect in all facets. Just what I was looking for and what I needed! Starter was the perfect amount, flavour and appearance ( the food LOOKED beautiful ). Ideal for opening up the appetite on what was a slightly chilly evening. The mains, sumptuous hearty amount with a wonderful blend of flavours and served in the right portions ( I am a big guy... I love to eat! ) . The dessert , perfect balance of sweet and tangy and the ideal compliment to a very savoury meal, all come together to leave a very nice warm feeling of contentment. The other guest - Wonderful conversationalist, which made the evening actually feel like it was whizzing by, were great fun and lovely to be around. All in all 5 stars as it was truly a wonderful, delightful change to eating out. Verne
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Mar 26, 2017
The food was second to none. The food has similarities to both Indian and other Carribean island food but equally has its own unique style which I really enjoy. First course was corn soup prepared by Aarti. Beautifully cooked and spiced just right. Again similar to an Indian classic but the lentils and carrots made it unique and delicious. Main course prepared by Tyler consisted of stewed chicken, pigeon peas, calalloo, salad and calypso rice. The chicken packed juiciness, spice and sweetness. Calalloo reminded me of Indian saag; nicely spiced and a great accompaniment to the meat. Likewise the peas and salad washed down great with the rice and meat. It was an all round massive and fulfilling meal with great colours and flavours on my plate. Last but by no means least the cheesecake prepared by Nadine was delicious. I savoured every mouthful. I would highly recommend this to any one new to trini cuisine as well as all seasoned Carribean foodies. I found it a really homely well cooked meal. I felt like I was eating a family meal on a special occasion. I can't wait for the next new installments. Thank you guys xx
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