$70 Price per guest

No Ramen, No Life!

Time of the event
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Type of the event
Cuisine Type
The host speaks
English, Japanese
Number of guests
10 to 11


One Bite

Deviled Ramen Egg

Kewpie, yuzu daikon, cracklin', salmon roe, smoked fish powder, shichimi pepper


Foie Gras Rice

Torch seared Foie Gras, Soy Balsamic Tangerine glaze, Premium Japanese rice made to order, Sofrito, Foie drippings, Bonito flakes, Yuzu zest, rice puffs


Homemade pickles of the Day

Ramen (varietiEs depend on day)

Ma-ze Tan Tan

Rich and creamy sesame Szechuan pepper infused sauce, 15 hr+ chicken paitan broth, 63° egg, pork belly chashu, cilantro, spicy minced chicken

Tori Paitan (Soy)

Creamy 15 hr+ chicken bone broth & dashi, pork belly chashu, chicken ham, 3 day ramen egg, yuzu zest, Okinawan nori

Shio Paitan (Salt)

Creamy 15+ hr chicken bone broth, sofrito tare, chicken chashu, 3 day ramen egg, yuzu zest, Okinawan nori, blood orange olive oil, garlic infused schmaltz

Ma-ze-men (concentrated ramen)

Chicken bone broth, cured chili garlic lime, smoked fish powder, pork belly, 3 day ramen egg, burnt scallion oil, braised shiitake, cracklin'

Yuzu Shio

Delicate and refined: golden chicken broth & dashi, sous vide chicken chashu, 3 day ramen egg, yuzu zest, schmaltz, truffle salt


Homemade FroYo

Yuzu honey, Strawberry, Matcha

Drinks & Beverages

Guests can bring alcohol

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What to expect

Never felt rushed. Everything was very welcoming. Amazing execution. Clint and Yoko show their creativity and love for food in every dish. Food and atmosphere will make you fall in love with food all over again.
The food was great! Loved being able to chat with the host and hostess to find out how they started hosting and their thoughts on where to eat in the different cities to which they've traveled.
The food was amazing and Clint and Yoko were amazing as well. Very personable and kind. The appetizer was creative and delicious. The Ramen was solid and the dessert was yummy and not what you would typically get. We would definitely highly recommend. My 4 star review is typical of most 5 star reviews. I don't give out 5 stars often unless I am truly blown away.

The place & Amenities
The full address will be provided once the booking is confirmed

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Meet Clint
English, Japanese
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