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Memories of my Italian childhood

Hosted by Nadia

Time of the event
8:00 PM (3 hours)
Type of the event
Cuisine Type
The host speaks
Number of guests
8 to 14
Special diets



Cocktail della casa

קוקטייל הבית

Aperitivo goes on

Pizzette e focaccine

בצק פוקצ׳ה חמה עם רוטב עגבניות וגבינת קשיו ביתית

Warm up

Minestra della mamma

המרק הכי טעים שטעמתם אי-פעם. מבטיחה.


Gnocchi alla romana con burro al tartufo

ניוקי אלה רומנה - עננים של סולת, חמאת כמהין וגבינה ביתית

Primo n. 2

Melanzane alla parmigiana

חצילים, רוטב עגניות, בשמל ושני סוגי גבינות ביתייות, הכל ישירות מהתנור


Tortino ai funghi

מאפה ממולא בפיטריות וריקוטה שקדים ביתית

Triple dessert

Budino al cioccolato, panna e biscotti

שלישיית קינוחים המשלבת שוקולד, קצפת ועוגיות היוצאות מהתנור

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Cocktail, Guests can bring alcohol, Aperitif

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What to expect

DanaFebruary 2020
It was our first time with eatwith. We enjoyed the food and the company, and are still in awe of the host Nadia. I am looking forward to try the new menu!
FrancescoFebruary 2020
As an Italian and as a non-vegan, I was very curious to see how Nadia could actually turn the Italian culinary tradition to something 100% plant-based without losing any of the taste... and I have to say that her dinner blew my mind! First of all, I was happy to see that Nadia brought to the table traditional Italian dishes that are not the ones you always find in Italian restaurants in Israel (there is so much more than pasta in our culture!!). But mostly, I was amazed at how she managed to reproduce cheese, ricotta, bechamel, meringue... everything was absolutely delicious and if I hadn't known it was vegan, I am not sure I would have guessed. The atmosphere was lovely and I really enjoyed feeling "home" at Nadia's. Highly, highly recommended! Forget whatever stereotype you may have about veganism and about Italian cuisine. Just go! Take the word of an Italian for it :)
מיכלFebruary 2020
Amazing!!! Nadia is super talented ☘️ the food was original and super tasty, and Nadia’s personality was so inspiring.Pure joy 🌸🌿
GalitFebruary 2020
Nadia is a charming hostess and a gifted chef. The dinner was excellent and the dishes were served with a beautiful presentation. My first vegan meal and it was excellent ! I will come again.

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