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Cucino da quando avevo 12 anni. Ho passato una vita girando per il mondo a promuovere il Made in Italy e a riportare profumi e sapori da far provare ai miei amici. Sapete che in Koreano esistono 2 parole che significano gusto, quella più suggestiva descrive il sapore del cibo preparato con amore. Insieme a mio marito un "olandese volante" abbiamo restaurato parte di un antico borgo nei colli bolognesi ed insieme accogliamo i nostri ospiti intorno alla grande tavola della cucina con tovaglie ricamate della nonna, porcellane e argenti di famiglia, candele in alti candelabri ... per una serata che speriamo indimenticabile. Da qualche tempo abbiniamo la cucina anche con essere una 'Destinazione Umana' airbnb. Interested in food since age 12, I spent working life in board rooms. Made a transfer to chopping board after a globetrotting career in intimate apparel. I try to live up to Korean other word for "taste", it translates as "hand taste": the feel one experiences being served food made with love. I see hosting as great opportunity to share my passion with others than my loving Dutch husband and co-host! Together we work magic in our lovingly restored farmhouse in the Colli Bolognesi, background music, tall candlesticks, family silver and porcelain, no effort is spared just to spoil you for an evening or perhaps, making it so unforgettable ... one comes back for more? Recently we complemented the culinary with offering also a 'Destinazione Umana' airbnb.
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Nov 25, 2017
Lucia and Peter were wonderful hosts! The food was delicious and was made with a lot of care by Lucia. We had a great dinner and conversation. Peter prepared Turkish coffee for us that was delicious. You definitely need to join them for dinner if you are looking for local and seasonal menu! Thank you Lucia and Peter!
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May 17, 2017
Each course was made with flowers and herbs that Lucia foraged from the countryside surrounding her beautiful farmhouse style home. Wine was made by neighbours down the hill and everything was delicious! We appreciated that Peter gave us a ride there and back from the city center. On top of a delicious meal, the atmosphere of the countryside, the house, and a full table of friendly company really made it an incredible evening
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May 15, 2017
Lucia and Peter were such great host, the house is beautiful and so the location. The food was so original and tasty, I have never try such recipes.
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Oct 22, 2016
Dinner with Lucia in her farmhouse home in Bologna was a delightful experience for our group of 6. Lucia arranged transport for us making it a breeze to make it to her lovely hilltop home. One of the best experiences we had on our visit to Bologna was connecting with the locals, who care about the tradition of the food of their region, the quality, craft, and flavor of what they’re preparing using local ingredients. Our fall meal was created around seasonal chestnuts with a sublime potato and chestnut gnocchi with mushroom sauce. They were fluffy pillows of flavor I’d never experienced before, one of those dishes that if a friend’s mom served them to you when you were young you’d always ask if they were having them again so you could invite yourself over to have more. The wines Lucia served were both local and perfectly paired with the food, I’ll be searching for Pignoletto in the U.S.! And dessert was a decadent dark chocolate fondant perfectly accented with homemade citrus jam. Homemade makes all the difference in flavor. Lucia shared with us a locally made walnut liquor with an outstanding flavor, which was no match for a commercial product we had a few days later. It was relaxing to sit around the table and talk with Lucia and gain insight into the local area. Who knew there are Roman ruins in a furniture store? Our only regret is that we wish we had the opportunity to meet Peter who was away on travel and that we could’ve seen the property in the light of day, the landscape looked beautiful with vistas we couldn’t see at night. If you’re considering booking a meal with Lucia and Peter, we highly recommend you do so; it will enhance your travel experience and you"ll be treated to a fabulous local meal as well!
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Meet Lucia
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
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