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Meet Jason
I am a hospitality professional who has a passion for food and drinks, but more importantly I love taking care of people. I get a certain joy when it comes to putting events together, and you can't find that joy anywhere else. The Great Chef Thomas Keller said that hospitality is not learned, but honed. Not everyone possess hospitality. I am very glad to be one of the few that has it engrained in my heart. This passion has lead me into an amazing career working in this industry, creating relationships that are priceless. My girlfriend is also a host, and an Executive Pastry Chef at an high-end boutique hotel where they specialize in High Tea service. She will be helping me curate the events, with our long list of chefs ranging from sous chefs to celebrity chefs to provide assistance in making sure every event is unique. I will also be curating cocktails menus with bartenders and bar consultants that have worked in some of the hottest cocktail lounges in the city. These will be great cocktails, not good. Great. point Blank. For music, we will provide the ambiance working with musicians that play everywhere in NYC from the Rainbow Room to Carnegie Hall and beyond. Entertainment will never be in question. There will always be surprises, like magicians joining us for dinner and performing, or interesting burlesque dancers keeping the mood sexy. We are Modest Hospitality, a 360 degree culinary experience. We bring great food, booze, views and blues. #Comeplaywithus #modesthospitality #asmodestascanbe

Whiskey High Tea... Infusion of Local Whiskey, Tea, & Gourmet Bites

Tea time
10 to 30
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Meet Jason
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