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Growing up in a Family where the smell of food and the sizzle of pans constantly stimulated the senses at every family gathering, it wasn’t long before I started to pick up and learn the craft. As a kid I started as a pint sized Sous chef peeling seafood and chopping seasoning and after I began memorizing family recipes I eventually graduated to cooking dishes and creating recipes of my own. Creole and Cajun cuisine is always based in tradition of spice & very rich flavors. While these dishes are delicious they are not always the best for your body in their traditional forms. This inspired me to create amazing recipes for foods that I grew up enjoying but creating them with a health conscious twist. Healthy versions of traditional New Orleans recipes without sacrificing taste! http://www.cajunfood4thought.com http://www.myneworleans.com/Blogs/Haute-Plates/July-2016/The-Times-Are-Changing/

A Culinary Journey Through New Orleans

Cajun & Creole
5 to 12
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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Jan 13, 2018
What a fabulous experience! My husband and two children (ages 18 and 13) attended while visiting NOLA and while we weren't sure exactly what to expect, we were thrilled with the evening. Tuck and Dionna could not have been lovelier hosts and made it all so enjoyable from the second we walked in the door. It was fun to be in a NOLA neighborhood and a personal home, after so many meals in another restaurant. And bringing children, we were not sure what to expect but being the perfect hosts, they provided a little something for everyone. For example, some were playing pool, while others were gathered around a fascinating show in Hurricane Katrina, while others mingled. Not only was dinner delicious and typically cajun which was fun, but the experience of having personal connections with people from all over the country is what really set this evening and experience apart from all others. In a world today where everyone is 'too busy' and trapped by their phones, this allowed us to really connect with other interesting, kind and smart people in the most authentic way. It was a great message for our children too to 'think outside the box' and try something new. We all loved it and highly recommend this experience for all ages. Can't wait to dine from Tucks new food truck when we're next in NOLA. Thank you!
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Jan 5, 2018
I enjoyed my experience dining with Chef Tuck and his family! His home is beautiful, and he and his wife Dionne made us feel right at home as soon as we arrived. I had the pleasure of dining at the kitchen counter and watching Chef Tuck prepare the meal. The food was flavorful and fulfilling. The cornbread and pecan pie are to be remembered! Although it was too cold to spend time outside, I did get to take a look around the backyard. They have a lovely pool and outdoor oven that would have been fun to relax beside, so future guests should look forward to that. I would dine with Chef Tuck again, and I look forward to recommending this experience to others!
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Jan 4, 2018
The hosts and their home was lovely, the other guests were fun and interesting, and we had a very nice evening. Unfortunately, I hate to say that the food, particularly the main dish, was nothing special. The corn bread was the one item that was absolutely delicious. Most of the other dishes were fine, but the "jambalaya" was a lot of relatively dry rice with a few pieces of sausage - no seafood! I had been to an eatwith in Brooklyn recently, which was fabulous in every way, and, especially in New Orleans, I was really expecting amazing food.
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Jan 2, 2018
This was my first EatWith experience but will definitely not be my last. We did not know quite what to expect arriving at Chef Tuck's home, but were quickly put at ease by the friendly welcome into his beautiful home. The food was terrific but just as great was meeting Chef Tuck and his family. I also had fun meeting so many folks from around the country and sharing stories over the evening. The delicious food kept coming and the stories of growing up and living in NOLA from Chef Tuck and his lovely wife were quite enjoyable. His enthusiasm for food and friendship is infectious. I will absolutely return the first chance I get. Perhaps in warmer weather for cocktails poolside. This has made me a fan of the EatWith experience and I am telling everyone to check it out! So much fun. Thank you! Oh yeah, shout out to Jeron - good job as well!
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