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Meet Chef Farideh
PLEASE NOTE! Offerings are now only available Monday through Sunday from February 26th 2018 . Welcome to my culinary adventure with eatwith.com! I now offer varied menus at my home in the subtropical rainforest of Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland. Each culinary event is for 4 to 6 persons in winter and 6 to 14 persons in warm weather. Each will feature dishes from my work in Persian, Eurostyle and Mediterranean Cuisines. These include ew and traditional dishes, some of which were featured in my former restaurant of 8 years, Zafron on Brunswick (Brisbane). If you'd like to book a party of diners for a special occasion on any evening, just drop a request to us and we'll see if we can do that date! My Persian/Eurostyle Fusion offer features the most sought after dish Caspian Chicken along with a varying entree. Dessert varies as well. At Home with Chef Fay on Saturday Night- Authentic Persian Fare ! - features a varying menu of traditional Persian dishes. If you book and prefer a specific dish, just let me know! Italy on the Mountain! - features handmade Italian dishes- my favorite cuisine with luscious soups and handmade pasta for the main. My husband Michael is a concert guitarist who will, on occasion, perform for our guests as part of the Eat With experience in our home. We both love food prepared with care with precise attention to a taste's profile layers and of course, we admire well balanced ingredients. Whether I am preparing traditional Persian or Italian cuisine or a meal of Mediterranean Eurostyle Fusion, every meal item presents with full flavour and aroma and is made with quality ingredients and love! PLEASE NOTE: IF you would like any of these offers on any other night or during the day on the weekend put together a group of 4-6 (Winter) (6-14 warm months) of your friends and family and message us! CHEF FARIDEH'S BIO Chef Farideh (Fay) was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up in a generous and welcoming family who often had guests, friends and relatives for meals on the family sofreh, a tablecloth spread over a carpet for sitting at meal time. Her visits to her father’s family’s estates in Shahmirzad in northern Iran featured meals prepared by her grandmother in ground ovens, one of which was the favourite dish, Tahchin. From this time until the present her favourite Persian dish is Bagalee Polo, a lovely herb and broadbean rice served with tender stewed lamb shanks. She fondly remembers the atmosphere of family and food cooked with care for taste and aroma. Her love of food expanded into traditional and nouveau Italian and French dishes since her arrival in Australia in 1982. The move to Brisbane in 2007 saw the opening of her own restaurant, Zafron in New Farm, specializing in her unique approach to Persian and Mediterranean cuisines with Eurostyle influences. Ranking in the top 5 restaurants in Brisbane for 4 years on tripadvisor.com.au and on other prominent review websites, Zafron attracted return clientele from all over Brisbane, Australia and from overseas. The restaurant also was positively reviewed in all papers and magazines in the area and on the TV programme The Great South East. Fay has a great passion and reputation for serving high quality ingredients in her dishes and a reputation for never cutting corners. She has expertise in Italian, Euro-style and Persian cuisines, but she also has interests in Moroccan and French cuisines. Her diners often remark how much care and love they experience in the taste and presentation of her dishes. Whether in her restaurant or at home, Chef Fay has always prepared her food as if for family

Persian Nouveau & Eurostyle Fusion - Caspian Chicken is Back!

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7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Sep 5, 2016
Beautiful cosy house, colourful tasty foods, lovely couple, and also amazing music.(composed and recorded by the host) Memorable night. Thanks a lot Farideh and Michael.
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Jul 26, 2016
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Jun 19, 2016
Excellent food, surroundings and wonderful hosts.
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Jun 12, 2016
Chef Fay tickled our tastebuds with delicious, and generous, Persian style food. They are charming hosts and we very much enjoyed them joining the table after the main meal for a lengthy chat.
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Meet Chef Farideh
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