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Meet Omar
Hi. Name is Omar. Just dont call me Omizzle. I like cooking for people. Most of the time i don't even eat at any of my dinners because i am fully satisfied by seeing people enjoying and eating my food. My approach to food. To be honest it is very hard for me to write a menu ahead of time, simply because i can't plan my culinary impulsiveness. I can narrow down the main course ingredients that i'll be using. But as for their preparation i leave that to spontaneity. Create the dishes as they hit the pan or plate, so every dining experience is truly unique and never replicated and it is shared with everyone just that one time. Because even if i have a gorgeous heirloom tomato i don't know what i am gonna do with it until my knife slices it through it the first time.And that's what ignites my inspiration. You can check out some of my food on Instagram. Color is another big one. @morockinchef @veganmoroccan

Rock The Kasbah : Moroccan Dominican night.

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8:00 PM - 10:30 PM

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Jan 22, 2018
amazing food and great people to share it with! will definitely try to attend one of omar's dinners again.
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Meet Omar
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