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Meet Zak
Born and raised in Ireland and the UK, before moving to this beautiful yet complex country in 2005. I spend my time as a visual (and culinary!) artist (www.zakyitro.com), and an active couchsurfer . Much of my creative inspiration comes from interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, and what better way to experience a new culture than to savor local food in the company of some easy-going local people? Seems to me that EatWith hits the nail right on the head... I tend to rely on a mixture of inspiration and intuition when preparing food - I will use a recipe as a loose guide and let my intuition lead the adventure! I have the good fortune to live in a city abundant with fresh produce markets offering a diverse variety of local ingredients, and despite Jerusalem's reputation for being an intensely religious city, I enjoy discovering that not far beneath the surface (and often in the guise of religious customs!) there is a thoroughly hedonistic undertow that connects the inhabitants of this city just waiting to be tapped into - who can honestly say no to a informal sit down meal spent in good company? I am currently enraptured by Middle Eastern dishes - eggplant stuffed with meat and pine nuts, creamy home-made Hummus, an Arab variation of chicken Fricasee with crunchy roast potatoes and rice and a number of vegetable side dishes - my mouth is already watering :-P Apart from the use of quality raw ingredients, I am not shy to use plenty of spices and herbs for maximum flavor, (and an abundance of alchohol - can't deny my Irish roots!!) - these are in my opinion the best bet for a great meal that will spark a glorious evening of story-telling and laughter, meeting great people and sharing new experiences. Come one come all! p.s. if you would like to request an event, please write me a message with some basic information about yourself and the event you desire, thanks!
Arabic, English, French, Hebrew

(non) Starving Artist Exposition - a fusion of culinary and visual art!

Arabic, English, French, Hebrew
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Feb 3, 2015
Zak was a great host. We had a wide variety of salads all of which were excellent in addition to some great chopped liver. The main courses of which there were three were delicious and Zak probably made one of the best fruit salads I have ever had. He is a very interesting and talented guy in many fields and we not only enjoyed his food and conversation, but it was very interesting to see and hear about his artwork as well.
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Sep 10, 2014
Zak provided the perfect intro to EatWith. He was a wonderful host accommodating each guests needs whether vegetarian or kosher. His friends and other guests were wonderful. We loved this meeting of people who grew up around the world and sharing wonderful food and wine. We appreciate this amazing experience on our first day in Israel! Toda.
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Aug 30, 2014
Dest shabbat dinner ever, the food, dessert, chinese tea, the wine and the baklawa were all delicious. zak is a very very good cook, he's a super cool guy, the smile never leaves his face, and thats makes him a perfect host. thanks for the perfect evening bro
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Aug 30, 2014
Dinner at Zak's was fantastic. The place itself is in a great area and is very convenient and easy to find/get to. In terms of the food, there was a huge variety of dishes, all of them good. Zak himself was a great host and took time to explain various customs and traditions associated with the shabbat (friday) dinner with those who were unfamiliar. Make sure you skip lunch of the day of because you're going to need room for Zak's dinner, and be warned, it's a LOT of food.
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Meet Zak
Arabic, English, French, Hebrew
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