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As a poet I love to travel to sample all kind of material from other countries to use in my poems. With 'material' I mean images of landscapes, conversations with natives and visitors, new recipes, strange herbs and drinks, the smell and colours of the flora and fauna. To receive and to talk to my guests in my own house, is like travelling abroad at my own table. An interesting mixture of my own curiosity and staying at home, while dining with peole who's story I dont know yet. This is also an answer on the question below.
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Food For Poetic Thoughts

English, German
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Dec 27, 2016
It was so nice to be invited into their home and to spend an evening with them. It is a great way to be immersed into the Dutch culture instead of just staying in your motel room.
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Aug 9, 2014
Elma and her friends made company. It was wonderful to meet them. As for food, and wine, it was plentiful. Had a little trouble finding her apartment, but Elma came down to meet us at the beginning of the night and accompanied us to the tram stop at the end of the evening. All anyone could ask for. It was Elma's first "eat with" hosting, ours too. She did herself proud.
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Meet Elma
English, German
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