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An innovative 8-course menu near the beach

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8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
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2 to 10

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Oct 10, 2019
super Stimmung, nette Gäste, kompetenter Gastgeber
Oct 6, 2019
Wow. What a disappointment. Our meal with 8 other guests was in a rather drab restaurant space in a cheap looking mall in a dull part of Barcelona. We looked out onto a cheap Indian curry-shop. Music was provided by a small cheap speaker the size of a box of cigarettes. The atmosphere was just desperate and boring. The food : well the portions were so small it was ridiculous. The veal was tough and couldn't be cut with a knife.... the menu seemed like a rambling mishmash of tiny fancy looking tidbits but honestly not one dish had any real wow-factor. A nice bowl of simply pasta would have been more enticing than this. Our wine glasses were often empty and we had to continually ask for a bit more wine, sometimes we were given some but quite often we were ignored. The meal dragged on for the long hours.... it was such a disappointment and we were so relieved when it was over. We were fortunate to have the nicer guests at our end of the table.... the other end seemed bored and annoyed.... it seemed Rudi was expecting us to come eat and pay homage to him and his cooking rather having an interesting fun evening out and he lost his temper with a couple of the guests at our end of the table including me. So much for a fun jovial Saturday night out. I didn't see one person take a single photo of any of the food, it simple had zero wow factor and it was such a relief when the meal was finished at 11.30pm and we were able to go elsewhere for a fun drink and some laughter ..... what a waste of a Saturday night. This was not fine-dining, it was boring, dull, uninspiring food served up rather miserably in a cheap classroom setting. Worst Saturday night out in ages. And we have been foodies for 30 years but this was just not fun or good.
Oct 5, 2019
I would highly recommend this eating experience. This food was so wonderful, very creative, different textures. I am 57 and well traveled with many food experiences, this is in the top 5! If your worried about the price it is worth every penny and more.
Mei Yoke
Oct 5, 2019
Excellent food - the company was great and I loved how engaged Rudi was with each and every guest. Surpassed my expectations!

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