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Meet Rico&Irene
We will open the doors of our flat, situated inside an antique palace which is part of the URBAN HERITAGE protected by the town hall. Before starting with the culinary experience, I am going to show you the palace: Its two inner courtyards (first the typical Andalusian patio with the figure of the virgin and the Christ, and, then, the patio of the lucky orange trees). If the weather is good, we will go up to the roof terrace with views of the Giralda tower and the Alamillo bridge, designed by the architect Calatrava. Our apartment belongs to a well known impressionist SPANISH ARTIST's, PEPIN RICO, that in 1886 he had the honor of exhibiting his work at the POMPIDOU Art Center in Paris. He's popular for his portraits of Christ and his sculptures of bulls, which is why the folkloric Seville fell in love with his work. As a teenager, Pepín Rico began to carve wood in his father's cabinetmaking workshop. With this data, we understand the sculptural agility that reflects his work. This first profession is latent in the space where we serve our dinners, since all the furniture in our house has been designed by him. This and its paintings adorning the walls of the dining room, turn the space into a very particular and unique place. Rico, the artist's son, is a professional chef with experience in traditional and MICHELIN STAR (like Martín Berasategui -3 stars Michellín- and Mirador de Ullia -1 star Michellín). He will prepare a GOURMET set menu where you will have the chance to taste the best of the Andalusian contemporanean Gastronomy, but with his special twist (because his tapas are not the same than restaurants). He likes to treat our dishes as if they were art. Myself I am a CERAMIST and I design and make with clay all the plates where you will enjoy the meal prepared by Rico. I studied with a Japanese teacher and in Japan a meal isn't considered quality if it isn't served in a pretty dish. I am an ART LOVER so I will explain you everything about the 3 artists: Rico the painter, Rico the chef and my clay! We have our home restaurant 'Estamos Enrollados y nos mola hacerlo en la cocina': www.estamosenrollados.com, where our aim is to offer sensory, gustatory and visual pleasure in each dish.
Catalan, English, Italian, Spanish


Catalan, English, Italian, Spanish
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Mar 14, 2018
Rico & Irene were such lovely hosts. Their flat is like a treasure box, filled with ornate hand-carved furniture, artwork and mad quirks. My friend and I were treated to four courses of experimental, vegetarian food. It was all delicious with some unusual flavour combinations that I've never tried before. A gourmet experience and you won't be left hungry. I'm a big fan of supper clubs and this certainly didn't disappoint.  Would highly recommend. 
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Oct 2, 2017
Only the last part of my review was published last time. Just let me tell again it was a wonderful experience with lovely vegan food.
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Jul 16, 2017
the missing star in cleanliness is not for the flat itself, but for the stairway up to the flat, very adventurous anyway.
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Jul 14, 2017
We loved this experience. Rico and Irene were welcoming hosts and we had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with some of their friends as well. Everyone was interesting, funny, and patient with my language barrier. We not only got a chance to enjoy Rico's incredible food, but it was served on Irene's gorgeous ceramic plates, bowls, and mugs.
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Meet Rico&Irene
Catalan, English, Italian, Spanish
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