Dine Under the Stars Surrounded by a Greek Pine Forest - 1261084
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Dine Under the Stars Surrounded by a Greek Pine Forest

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The experience in a nutshell

Type of the event

Dinner, Greek

Maximum guests

8 guests

Time of the event

7:00 PM (4 hours)

Drinks & Beverages

Red Wine, White Wine, Digestif, Aperitif

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Sampling of Greek Virgin Olive Oil from different areas and different types of Honey
Olives, olive oil and honey are a staple food for people in the mediterranean region and Greece has some of the best olive oils of all! You can try olive oil from different parts of the country and have an idea about this really important food. Olives processed in different ways take it all to the next level.
You will be amazed how many different types of honey we have in Greece and you will leave with a wealth of knowledge about it all
Mousse of Taramosalata with home baked bread
Fish roe is another food that is full of energy and a staple to Greek cooking. Here we turn it into a mousse with just vegetable oil, onion and citrus fruit. Soft and pillowy sits atop thin slices of bread. Savour it with Tsipouro (Greek type grapa) that we infuse with citrus and some secret spices is a great accompaniment

Cold tomato and bread soup
Summer now and you need something to cool you down! Try this beautiful soup with roasted heirloom tomatoes without skin or seeds in a velvety soup with sourdough bread! It is served with fresh goat cheese, home made pesto or olive tapenade and some more tomatoes!!

Cream of broccoli soup with white miso and grape mast
Love broccoli and this combination with miso, grape mast and a soft fresh greek cheese from the island of Crete is a super combination!
Pumpkin and orange soup with pomegranate
Fall in a dish... Served with thick Greek yogurt roasted pepitas and if you are adventurous with some fig jam!
Young carrot and split pea soup
Spring is in the air, the new carrots are out and what better way to enjoy it!!!!

Salads and more
Salad with roasted tomatoes and peaches
Summer and the living is easy! The most plentiful time of year for vegetable and fruit for the Greek table. Even better roasted as they have a deeper even flavour!

The reddest salad of the winter
Raw beetroots grated with red cabbage and red onion dressed with a light dressing accompanied by tiny briny capers and some rich sheep yogurt on the side for you to play with. Cannot get more red than that!

Home made Pita with two dips hand in hand
Pitas are a staple in Greek cooking. Layers of crispy dough carry in them a filling of foraged greens, spinach and some tangy cheese. Dip it in a raita with garden herbs and yogurt and a wonderful beetroot raita as well!

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Autumn or Summer Veggies
Lamb used to be the go to meat in Greece, followed by pork and beef. Here we slowly roast it with herbs from the garden and serve it with potatoes, celeriac mash, the last peppers of the season and if you are lucky with fresh carrots
Roasted pork with a sweet and spicy rub
The closer we get to Christmas Pork was replacing Lamb as a source of protein. People used to raise a pig and use it's meat for the winter months using every part for wonderful dishes.
Veal with tomato sauce served with a cheesy mash or roasted potatoes
Melt in your mouth veal slowly cooked for hours in a rich tomato sauce with a few herbs and spices letting the dish shine... Only thing it needs is some mashed potatoes with a bit of cheese to soak up the juices and you are in heaven

Pear cake with almonds
A low gluten cake rich in almond meal and half juicy pears that are in season. Served with mastic ice cream and honey.
Chocolate lava cake infused with Greek coffee
Even though chocolate is not from Greece we surely love it here.
In this dessert we team it up with Greek coffee for that added kick and serve it with ice cream and a shot of coffee for good measure.

good bye..
Greek spoon sweets, digestifs
a sweet farewell with low fat spoon sweets and some home made digestifs to put you on your way...
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