Famous Turkish Breakfast

Hosted by Tuba

The experience in a nutshell

Type of the event

Brunch, Turkish

Number of guests

4 to 8

Time of the event

11:30 AM (14.5 hours)

The host speaks


No Alcohol

What to expect

RoryOctober 2018
My wife and I love Mediterranean food so when we heard about the opportunity to have an authentic Turkish dinner in the home of a professional chef we were very excited. Upon arriving at Tuba’s, we quickly realized English was not her first language. She has become about 2/3 fluent in English as she has been in the US for 2 years. We started with a lentil soup that was much lighter than I am used to. It had a touch of lemon which softened the big flavored lentils. As my wife doesn't care for lentil soup I was looking forward to finishing her bowl. Unfortunately for me she liked this lemon touch and wasn't passing. I was pleasantly surprised when Tuba was more than happy to refill my soup bowl. The second course was a lettuce salad served with a light vinaigrette dressing. A nice surprise accompanied the salad, zucchini pancakes served with yogurt sauce. I don’t like the sourness of plain yogurt, so I didn’t have any. However, there was a zucchini salad side dish on the table that looked delicious. It was made with dill, yogurt, and garlic. The dill was a great twist without overpowering the dish. So, I had zucchini pancakes topped with zucchini salad. As great as the lamb was, and I will describe that next, my double dipping zucchini treat was the highlight of the meal. The flavors just melded so well, I ate them throughout the meal as my primary side dish. Tuba’s leg of lamb stood up as the main attraction. The meat was full of flavor with strong hints of fresh rosemary while also delicately tender at the same sitting on the bed of an eggplant mash. Lightly charred skinny asparagus (my wife’s favorite) vegetable lay on the plate as a perfect accompaniment. We were offered Turkish coffee and Tea with dessert. I love strong coffee but had work in the morning so unfortunately, I had to pass. The Turkish tea was a great blend of black teas and paired perfectly with the light and flakey pistachio baklava. Rice pudding was also served in a deep bowl with burnt sugar. I have never been a fan of rice pudding or any other pudding for that matter, so I passed on having a bowl. My wife on the other hand loves rice pudding and stated it was the best she has ever had. The only person she knows that likes rice pudding more is her mother. When we were leaving Tuba gave us 2 more rice puddings for my wife and mother-in-law. Overall it was an amazing meal prepared and served by a great chef. She set a high standard for what I should expect in food from the Ottoman Empire. I look forward to dinging at Turkish restaurants to see if they can match her culinary excellence.
HilalOctober 2018
Tuba hosted an amazing dinner ! The food was amazing and the conversation was delightful. Lamb shank was amazing, and the dessert was to die for! The presentation was very professional and the portions were generous. We will definitely go back! Highly recommended!

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$60 Price per guest