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little Sicily | מטבח שף מדרום איטליה

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8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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12 to 20



Home-made breads | לחמים בעבודת יד

שעועית בובס, עגבניות "חצי יבשות", בזיליקום, שאלוט ושום קונפי

Lima beans, garlic confit, shallots, "semi dried" tomatoes, basil and tahini sauce

חמאת כמהין ממכרת עם שזיפים ומלח ים

Dried plums, Fleur de sel, truffles oil sour butter

חציל שרוף, קרם זעתר ויוגורט כבשים

Smoked eggplant, thyme cream, and sheep yogurt


טרטר דג ים, פריקה, עשבי תיבול קצוצים, לימון כבוש, לאבנה ושמן חרדל

Mediterranean fish tartar with herbs, smoked green wheat, labaneh cheese and mustard seed oil

עלים טריים, פונדו קר מגבינה כחולה, נקטרינה ושקדים מקורמלים

Fresh leaves, Blue mold cheese fondue, strawberries and caramelized almonds

מרק גזר וחמאה שרופה

Beurre Noisette carrot, cream


פילה בקר קצוץ דק, תערובת תבלינים מפאלרמו, גריסי פנינה, תרד תורכי ואגוזים

Chopped beef tenderloin, spices from Palermo, Turkish spinach, barley and walnuts

כתף בקר בבישול ארוך, ריזוטו ירקות וריקוטה, חמאה ויין לבן

Slow roasted beef chuck, risotto with butter and white wine served with "green" sauce


קרם גבינת עיזים, עוגיה סיציליאנית ואגס מוזהב

Goat cheese cream, Chebakia cookie, honey, fresh pears and cinnamon

יינות מהארץ והעולם

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Red Wine, White Wine, Wine

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Tomer and Hila are wonderful hosts! The food was delicious and the atmosphere was incredibly warm and welcoming. Highly recommended! General EatWith tip: This was our very first EatWith experience. On the night we attended there were two large groups, which left us somewhat on the outside, being one of just two couples who came independently. We suggest checking in advance with your host about this if you think it can be an issue.
We were 7 people from our company for team event. The food was absolutely amazing, beautifully served and the atmosphere was great! Personally, it was my first time I had experienced EatWith and this set a very high benchmark for the future. Highly recommended!
Thank you for the fun and decadent dinner, and for producing gluten free versions of almost every dish!
The event was outstanding! everything from the mood, the guests, the host and the crew and of curse the food. it just exceeded my expectations for an event of this sort. for a first time it was just perfect. I would highly recommend to my friends to come and pay Tomer a visit and try out the "eatwith" experience.

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